7 dreamy beauty vanities

I’m going to start this article by stating that my vanity table is a total mess in general, but really, a total mess. Still, lately, because I’ve been all over the place and through a series of misfortunate events, somehow I managed to break a couple of my products due to the fact that they have fallen from my vanity table. It’s a fairly narrow space on a cabinet on my hallway, so I think you can imagine how all went down, especially with the translucent powder… I had to use the vacuum cleaner to get it all out. Yes, I’m super clumsy.

I broke a purifying serum also, my hallway smelled of sage and tea three for three days. So, yeah, I have to be more organized, because if I break my other serums also, I’m doomed. I’m a bit obsessed with serums, all kind of serums, moisturising, purifying and most important, anti-aging ones. I have an entire list of new ones that I want to try and I recently came across a new brand with with affordable timeless anti-aging serums, they are natural, paraben free and made in the US ( they ship here also, iaaai )  . The brand is called Timelessha  and I already have my eyes on a ferulic acid serum. I might make myself an early Christmas gift.

Organisation is key when it comes to vanity tables, so you avoid accidents like mine and ruin your beauty & makeup products. Well, yes, you need a dreamy space also, to inspire you in every way, but again, it has to be a practical space.

So, I’ve searched and searched and picked X beautiful vanities for you to get inspired from. I’m already inspired to buy a makeup mirror and a beautiful upholstered chair, even though I do not have the room for it. Maybe it’s time to update my workspace chair, hihihi.








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  1. These are total dream vanities. I don’t even HAVE a vanity – I do my make up standing up using the corner of my cupboard as a mirror everyday! One day, when I move to a flat that isn’t 300 sq ft and shared between four…

    – Charmaine

  2. Well said that organization is the key to any vanity. It gives a tidy look to it. As there is no end to the make up for girls so organizers are very much required.