7 Dreamy and relaxing outdoor bed ideas that will inspire you this sunny season

Don’t you just love a beautiful and lazy summer where you can enjoy a perfect vacation day or relaxing evening at home on your dreamy balcony, outdoor terrace or backyard? To make everything more dreamy and comfortable choose a lovely day bed. Here are 7 dreamy and relaxing outdoor bed ideas that will inspire you this sunny season:

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1. The hidden outdoor home

Do you have a tiny guest house or outdoor storage space? Then, make a dreamy hidden outdoor home. Make it out of palettes and decorate it with comfy and printed covers and pillows. Surround it with a lounge area with Scandinavian furniture and make everything magical with gorgeous lights.


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2. Vintage vibes

Another cute idea for an outdoor small cabin or storage area or even your garage is transforming it into a stunning retro corner. Decorate it with vintage inspired deco elements on open shelves and make a palette bed which you can decorate with bohemian or retro pillows and covers. Choose colorful ones and give personality to this whole corner!

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3. Chic & practical

This is the perfect day bed scenario for a chic backyard. Pick some palettes and transform them into a day bed filled with neutral and chic sheets and pillow cushions. Also, make everything more trendy with some reed, plants, flowers in shabby pots and vintage inspired mirrors.

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4. Boho dream

Dream in a bohemian style and surround you day bed with trees and create a gorgeous canopy on top of it. Surround it also with a lot of oversized exotic plants and magical lights to make everything look like the perfect tropical vacation at home.

5. Shabby day

A canopy bed is just perfect for the outdoors, so mix wood or rattan with white sheets to make the perfect bed lounge for your garden or backyard. Decorate it with woven furniture, printed rugs and also printed sheets. The whole setup will look like an outdoor bedroom.


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6. Scandinavian look

This day bed is perfect for a big balcony or terrace. All you need are some palettes or a wooden bed and a comfy mattress. Decorate this space with a lot of green plants in different sizes and also big lights. All is left to do is just enjoy a fresh lemonade in this chic terrace.

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7. Chic in pink

Even a small balcony can have a gorgeous day bed. To make it more chic, choose a pink one and make it sea themed. Surround it with a reed fence and imagine you’re in an exotic balcony or a stylish hotel. Also math it with cute reed added in a minimal vase and a chic woven coffee table.

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