5 ways to integrate the Ball Chair into your home

One of the most famous chairs in the world, the Ball Chair, was designed in 1963 by Eero Aarnio and it is still very modern nowadays. The chair’s uniqueness is given by the round shape and the materials used, fiberglass, which makes it modern and futuristic.  The Ball Chair has appeared in many exhibitions, music videos, movies and magazines along the years.

Here are 5 ways to integrate the Ball Chair into your modern home:


1.Lounge area

A good book and vinyl collection goes perfectly well with a red Ball Chair. You can transform a simple bookshelf into a lounge area by adding a small coffee table and this amazing chair you can relax into.


2. Less is more

The clean lines of this loft are completed by these two black and white Ball Chairs. Modernism combined with luxury equals this amazing result.


3. Bedroom space

The Ball Chair can be easily integrated into your bedroom also. By adding a rug underneath, you can delimit the space and create the ideal reading spot for cozy days. The red shade is a pop of color in an all black and white decor and it revitalizes the room.


4. Eclectic mix

Even though it’s a piece of furniture created in the 60s, it’s more modern than ever in this eclectic mix found in this living room. A display of different styles of art from painting to sculptures and a courageous mix of prints are completed by the Ball Chair, which brings balance to the entire ensemble.


5. The retro style

If you’re a big fan of the 60s futurism, you’ll love this. Go all in with a red Ball Chair combined with other round shapes as found in the extra large pendant lights, on the wall and other decorations.


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