6 adorable curved sofas for spring 2020

Curved sofas are trending this year in the interior design world. This vintage inspired choice to open up a room has the advantage of offering more seats and soften the angles of the space for socializing. Another huge advantage is that the curved sofas can maximize the lounge space in small spaces.

So, here are 6 adorable curved sofas for spring 2020:


1. Coral shades

Coral is such a joyous and sweet colour that immediately puts you in a good mood. On top of that, the round shape of the sofa gives a certain intimacy to small groups and everyone is gonna love the vibe of any gathering.


2. Bold colours

If you love contrasts, this is for you. The curved sofa brings softness in the middle of this mix of strong colours – teal, yellow and salmon and a printed wallpaper and we can’t take our eyes off of it.


3. 70s glam

Probably one of the strongest trend revived in 2020, the 70s glam bring back the geometrical forms and colors. A baby pink curved sofa is the perfect addition to this vibe.


4.Forest green

Bringing a bit of nature inside is also beneficial for both our mood and health, so a big plant will improve the quality of air and a round forest green sofa will make us feel connected to nature.


5. Luxury black and white

There is, of course, the classical option of black and white and the golden will always bring that luxurious touch to any decor. The white round sofa is cute as a button and fits the decor perfectly.


6. Velvet touch

The round sofa is definitely a pièce de résistance in this living room, because of the harmonious shape that just fits perfectly and the color that matches the rest of the elements.


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