5 pink deco ideas for girls room

Decorating for yourself may be easier, because you know what you like and your personality is going to show eventually in your house. When it comes to a child, girls in our case, there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration like sustainability, design and functionality. Also, during the first years of growth, the child’s imagination needs to be trained with different games and exercises and that can be included also in their room decoration.

Baby pink has a positive impact, because it creates a cozy environment for play and sleep, so here are 5 pink deco ideas for girls room:

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1.Mustard and blush

An apparently unusual mix – mustard and blush – creates a beautiful and colorful contrast. The pink elements are beautifully complemented by the mustard ones found in the bed canopy and the rainbow pillows.

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2. Somewhere over the rainbow

The rainbow trend is quite popular when it comes to decorating for the little ones. While the main piece is the rainbow wall art, you can also find tiny other ones in the pillow or other decorative elements.

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3. Boho pink

The mustard and pink combo can be found again, but under a different form. This time the 70s vibe is very present through the natural fiber furniture pieces – the hanging rattan chair and the rattan doll bassinet- and, of course, the peace sign hanged on the wall. 

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4.Pink and baby blue

Both pastel colors, pink and baby blue create a delicate balance. While the bed canopy offers warmth and the feeling of safety, the characters on the pillows amplify the child’s imagination.

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5. Blush and black

Talking about contrast, pink and black is definitely a strong one, but the effect is incredibly creative. The secret is in the cushions, garlands and lots of string lights. Also, the wooden toys and the mix of materials provide depth and texture. Voila!

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