7 Gorgeous Italian outdoor spaces to make you dream about vacation

Dream about the end of summer in an exotic Italian town, because this is a country you can easily fall in love with if you love the sea, the beautiful architecture and the Mediterranean vibe. So, we found seven dreamy outdoor spaces in Italy that will steal your heart and make you plan your next vacation. Also, they will make you want to decorate your home too:

1. Positano love

Colorful houses and colorful terraces, it’s all about that happy shades that bring joy into one’s life. So, decorate your balcony with big plants and colorful furniture and imagine you’re in Positano.

2. Tuscany romance

Get into the romantic spirit of Tuscany by picking a shabby chic terrace and colorful plants. Enjoy your late summer nights in this beautiful terrace along with a stylish glass of wine.

3. Mediterranean vibe

Pick some comfortable and stylish Caribbean chair, a chic table cloth and a vase with beautiful summer flowers and enjoy a sunny afternoon in your home balcony thinking of the amazing Amalfi Coast.

4. Venice Wonder

A chic terrace like this is perfect for a home next to a river or a lake to make you dream about the enchanting Venice. So lovely!

5. When in Rome

Picture a relaxing afternoon in a cozy nook that will make your dream of Rome. Pick a lovely daybed or a comfortable terrace chair filled with pillows and enjoy a good book on your balcony.

6. Florence vibe

Have an aristocratic dinner on your own terrace by picking elegant furniture and beautiful flowers such as the one in this gorgeous Florence terrace.

7. A day in Amalfi

Pick a beautiful patterned table cloth and even add a lemon tree in your terrace. Then, just sit, relax and dream about a splendid vacation in Amalfi.

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