7 latest kitchens designs you will love this spring

For the 2020 spring season, the new focus is on “living kitchen design” that combines fashion, function and the latest high-tech updates. These fresh ideas for interior design and decor in home kitchens offer a sophisticated yet comfortable way to make cooking easier, less time consuming and more fun.

Many homeowners are now concerned about sustainability and using eco-friendly stylish kitchen furnishings when planning a new kitchen of the year design. If you have plans to create a new trendy kitchens design or renovate your existing one, you may be considering “anti-kitchen” styles. These attractive, inviting kitchen interiors and kitchen decorating trends can provide a warm, comfortable ambiance or sleek, minimalist simplicity of design.

You may also like the trend toward unassuming, quiet decor that features concealed appliances and cabinetry. Most home dwellers today want a kitchen that offers convenient food prepping and cooking spaces within a homely, welcoming atmosphere.

Seven of the latest fabulous new or returning kitchen designs to delight and entice you this spring as kitchen decorating trends are the following:

1. Black and White, Neutral or Monochromatic Kitchen Interiors

Photo by Naomi Hébert

Black, white and gray or sandy-beige stylish kitchen interiors or kitchens featuring chrome or stainless steel appliances are still in popular demand today. Online searches for “neutral kitchens” also continue to maintain high volumes among home dwellers. Sleek, chic industrial style food prepping and cooking spaces are a favourite among young homeowners. However, people of varied ages like the calm, uncluttered ambiance of kitchen decor in predominantly black and white, grey, dark chocolate or deep slate shades. 

Monochromatic trendy kitchens layouts feature a streamlined style that is accented by using a single colour as the room’s basic hue for innovative kitchen design ideas. By adding varied amounts of white to this main colour, multiple tints are achieved. When a darker colour or black is added to the base, pleasing tones and shades are created. This produces a cohesive, comfortable and expansive quality in your kitchen, which can make it seem much larger than its dimensions. 

2. Eco-friendly Kitchen Designs

Photo by Eduard Militaru

Interior design and furnishings for home kitchens with authentic natural features and components that are environmentally safe are highly desirable. Consumer concerns are focused on healthy and ethical choices of materials and processes for kitchen building and renovating based on innovative kitchen design ideas. Homeowners can now increase the market value of their homes significantly with a smaller carbon footprint. The stunning kitchens design trend for 2020 is toward interiors that are 100 percent carbon neutral.  

The use of eco-safe design components and decor is now essential for creating kitchens that will maintain their attractiveness and market appeal. Producing more sustainable kitchen environments that include energy-saving appliances, fixtures and accessories is also a must. By using induction hobs to decrease energy use and wastage, you will increase your home’s appeal for promoting energy conservation and eco-friendly living. Choosing to install 3-in-1 hot water tapware will also help prevent ongoing water-wasting in your kitchen while promoting healthy future kitchen design. 

3. Kitchens with Flextension Focus

Photo by Aaron Huber

Innovative and stunning kitchens designs for 2020 include customised interiors styled to adapt to the needs of different types and ages of users with different food prepping and cooking habits and needs. The focus this year is on “flextension” rather than extension. This new kitchen plan for the latest kitchen style will contain some traditional appliances along with new models in culinary aids and equipment with high-tech capacities for fast, easy meal and snack preparation. 

This new mode of beautiful kitchen decor for the latest designs in kitchens will create convenient, flexible kitchen use for you and your entire household, including any children or older family members. Your flextension-design next kitchen trends can incorporate many diverse but essential and helpful design components. These features may include low and high-level storage cabinetry, cupboards and shelving such as sold at bespoke handmade kitchens like Murdoch Troon Kitchens. Other useful elements to add for future kitchen design are integrated seating, breakfast and snack bars, full-service islands as workstations and multiple countertops for small kitchen appliance use. 

4. Concealed Layouts for Kitchens

Photo by Francesca Tosolini

In beautiful kitchen layouts that include hidden or partially concealed appliances, cooking equipment and food preparation areas, large or small spaces may be concealed or partly covered. Depending on the interior design, storage or workspace that is partially or completely hidden may be concealed by floor-to-ceiling doors or a partial wall. One common design separates tables and seating areas adjacent to the kitchen by a partial wall just high enough to hide cooking areas from the view of seated diners or snackers. 

This is an inconspicuous, simple way of separating the heart of your new style kitchen from household members or friends while they enjoy sharing a meal or snack or relaxing over tall beverages. Inspired by the popular style of open-concept floor plans for a design for kitchen update, this easy way of dividing different room areas according to purpose and common use is gaining high popularity for 2020 next kitchen trends for interior design.   

5. Cleverly Colourful Kitchens

Photo by NeONBRAND   

Increasing numbers of home dwellers today favour robust colour palettes for an amazing kitchen design. Vivid reds, yellows, corals, greens, aquas, forest greens and rich purples are growing in popularity as preferred homeowner hues for kitchen walls, cabinetry, shelving and accessories. Appliances in strong colour choices are also frequent selections of consumers who are planning a kitchen makeover with the latest kitchen style. 

Pure colour choices are ideal when partnered with lustrous natural stone and richly grained timbre decor elements for a design of kitchen update. Other frequently requested palettes for kitchen redesigns today include misted pink, light grey and sage green. Natural greens and yellows of all shades and intensities are also big for 2020. Another popular scheme of coloration for new design for kitchen interiors this year is the wine-inspired combination of charcoal, sand and deep plum hues. 

6. Spacious Open Storage for Small Kitchens

Photo by Jason Leung

Although hidden new style kitchen storage areas are hot design styles at the moment, open shelving areas are now equally popular for amazing kitchen design. When you install rows of open shelves above a stylish splashback, warm and subtly marbled benchtop or along other free wall space, you will have plenty of good storage available. These shelves are extremely useful for storing china, glassware, cooking vessels mini-appliances in place of kitchen furniture cabinet trends for the latest designs in kitchens. 

Your open kitchen shelving is also the ideal spot for showcasing your favourite ceramic pottery, antique crystal pieces, teapots and other decorative items. They are also excellent places to grow green plants, climbing vines, flowers and a fresh herb garden for use in cooking in new homes kitchen designs. Small kitchens of all decor modes, from classic traditional to shabby chic and modern minimalist can be updated to be much more fashionable and functional with the addition of open shelving. 

7. Kitchens with Smart Tech Design

Photo by Carl GARTMAN

As kitchen interior design and decor become more elite and sleek in style and aesthetics, they also gain newly updated smart technology. Starting with refrigerators, steam ovens, convection cookers and vacuum drawers, kitchens have constantly evolved in terms of design, decor and electronic conveniences.

Today, many kitchens are fully equipped with the latest in high-tech cooking accessories and WiFi-operated gadgets that are controlled remotely from smartphones or drawer-enclosed sockets. An increasing number of these advanced gadgets for new homes kitchen designs can also be regulated by digital virtual assistants. 

If you are planning a home kitchen creation or design of kitchen update during 2020, there is a wide selection of popular design modes and style variations in vogue today to create a winning kitchen of the year. By choosing your favourite among this high-fashion and high-tech array of design and decor, you and your kitchen designers and builders are sure to produce the ultimate fabulous new kitchen to surpass your fondest visions and greatest expectations.

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