Trending (Part 2) – 7 Chic elements to have in your home according to home decor shops

Because we love to keep up with all the novelties and what’s cool on Instagram, Pinterest, deco shops and the whole deco world, we will keep you posted on trending elements. After Part 1 here are seven chic elements to have in your home according to deco shops:

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1. Rattan chairs

One personal favorite is the rattan chair, but especially the black and beige one. The square lounge ones are tending now, having perfect shapes and being also super versatile. Add one in any room of your home and pair them with nature inspired elements like rocks, wood, raffia, reed and anything else that brings beauty and peace in a space.

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2. Geometrical shaped furniture

The geometrical shapes are back, especially shaping the furniture elements more perfect than ever, Inspired by the ’70 and ’80 these creative shapes will make your home unique. So, choose them for your bed and match this original bed with geometrical shaped nightstands or side tables.

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3. Pottery inspired deco elements

Get inspired by the artisans and their beautiful items and invest in pottery inspired elements. From vases, to lamps and kitchen bowls, these elements bring a relaxing and unique vibe into your home,. Match them with other nature inspired elements and neutral fabrics and you will love the calm in you home.

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4. Nature inspired coffee tables

Choose a coffee table that looks likes a sculpture or a work of art and match it with calm elements. Also, make it super stylish by decorating it with a pottery vase filled with reed, sea or nature inspired elements and your favorite candles or coffee table books, all in a neutral color scheme, of course.

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5. Escapism posters

If you can’t plan a vacation, make your home a playful and dreamy space where you can escape wherever you want with amazing pictures showing a surreal or abstract space or landmark. Match them with the cool line art, abstract shapes and pictures in seventies colors and gather them around in the perfect Spring gallery wall.

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6. Metallic jars

Metallic jars in gold and silver are taking over the internet and, of course, our dreamy home. Choose one for a fabulous olive tree, a green plant or your favorite spring flowers. They look fabulous and can make any room instantly glam.

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7. The retro inspired lamp

Get inspired by the elegant retro hotels and make your bedroom looking like one of these gorgeous interiors. Choose a retro inspired lamp and if you want it super glam pick one in gold. Match it with a marble table, neutral and elegant sheets and choose your favorite author to read before going to sleep.

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