9 Dreamy Vintage inspired spaces you will fall in love with this season

Go vintage and give your home a beautiful retro feeling, full of memories, stories and items you will instantly get a crush on. Because the new and the old now make the perfect pair, here are Nine Dreamy vintage inspired spaces you will fall in love with this season:

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1. Vintage and boho

Mixing vintage with boho looks like a luxurious and elegant tropical vacation, but one in your home. So, pair a woven bed with rich velvet sheets in luxurious shades, but also with velvet pillow cushions and make everything super exotic with green plants and palm tree motifs.

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2. Vintage pops of color

Make a simple, Scandinavian of bohemian bedroom more vintage looking, but also more colorful with the trendy round velvet vintage pillows. Also, add a vintage inspired framed pictured that will become the star of the room and different retro inspired elements placed all around this gorgeous room.

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3. Animals, birds and flowers

Let’s bring back nature more often in our home and think of its beauty with all its plants, birds and flowers. Bring these elements in your home with framed pictures or prints that make you think of tropical birds, choose framed pictures of your favorite animals, especially the wild ones and mix them up with vintage inspired furniture and velvet elements, especially in the beautiful colors of nature.

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4. DIY cabinets

Because this year is all about creativity and color, try getting original with a DIY project for a vintage cabinet. Paint one in your favorite color and make the whole space around it very vintage looking with green plants, golden detail and retro inspired elements like a gorgeous record player.

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5. Reading in a vintage way

Because in the old times we had more time to read, imagine that period and recreate its beauty and purpose in your home. Choose a velvet armchair and surround it with a woven side table, a gorgeous ethno inspired carpet and your favorite spring flowers.

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6. Mid century feeling

Make your living room a show stopper with a vintage inspired armchair made from a silky material with Oriental prints. Match it with a velvet sofa and make everything eclectic and super retro with a mid century inspired coffee table.

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7. Bistro feeling

A vintage inspired dining space will always look super stylish, so surround a wooden table with fabulous retro bistro chairs. Style this table with flowers, books and candles and make it contrast with an artsy gallery wall filled with vintage inspired images, posters or adds.

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8. The art in any space

The advantage or having a lot of vintage elements in a space is making this room looking super artistic, almost theatrical. But, you also need to make it more practical so match retro inspired deco elements with comfy and neutral furniture for the perfect deco mix.

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9. Colorful entryway

Make a vintage colorful armchair the star of your entryway and use it to sit when picking or tying your shoes. Also, emphasize on the dreamy vintage vibe with colorful framed pictures that inspire you while leaving or going into your home.

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