Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Ficus Plant

Spending time around plants is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also recommended for good health. They can improve your physical health and your mental health as well.

In terms of your physical health, plants help filter out toxins in the air and improve the air quality. They also replenish and add more oxygen to the air, which aids your body to function better.

Regarding your mental health, plants can help relieve stress and anxiety, improve your focus and motivation, and give you a sense of pride or accomplishment. If you’re not sure what plant to start with, the ficus plant is a good choice.

To find out more about the popular ficus plant, check out the guide below.

What Is a Ficus Plant?

Ficus is actually a genus of plants. A genus is one step above species, so there are many species of ficus plants. This genus includes epiphytes, hemiepiphytes, woody trees, vines, and shrubs. They are also known as fig trees.

The best part of these plants is that many produce edible fruit. This fruit beneficial humans, especially for the human reproductive system. It also provides an important food resource for animals as well.

Types of Ficus Plants

There are more than a few ficus plants out there. In fact, as a genus, there are around 900 types of ficus. Of course, not all of them are common house plants.

Some of the most common forms of house plant ficus include the Ficus benjamina, the Ficus lyrata, and the Ficus elastica. There are many others that vary in size and appearance.

These plants are largely indigenous to Asia, specifically Southeast Asia, but most of them can tolerate a variety of habitats. There are also some species that are native to the Mediterranean region.

There are also new ficus varieties being created every day. Two of these hybrids are known as “Too Little” and “Midnight.” Don’t hesitate to drop by your local nursery to observe the dramatic variations between different species.

Caring for Ficus Plants

Common ficus plants are low maintenance, which is what makes them such a popular house plant.

Indoor ficus plants need to be planted in a pot that drains well. They also need a nice spot with good indoor light. You only need to water these plants weekly. Water until you see it collecting in the pot.

Although they are relatively low maintenance, ficus plants can be finicky. They thrive in stable conditions but drop leaves at the slightest changes. Sometimes it takes trial and error to find the perfect spot in your home or office.

Finding a Ficus Plant

As stated in the New York Times, the ficus plant is the ‘it’ plant of the moment. If you’re looking for a trendy, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing plant that will improve your physical and mental health, this is the plant for you.

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