10 Chic Pumpkin DIYs to try this fall

If it’s October it’s pumpkin season! And we’re not talking just Halloween, rather than decorating your whole home and backyard with these amazing fall decorations. For that, we gathered ten chic tutorials that we’re sure you will enjoy trying out:

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1. Write stylish words

If you have a dreamy handwriting try writing chic and stylish messages on pumpkins of different sizes and colors. Think about thank you notes, fall themed words and optimistic quotes.

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2. Make Jade pumpkins

Jade pumpkins are really popular this season and they go great with a neutral home or a glam one with retro elements. Also, it works wonders along gold and forest green, so learn how to make Jade pumpkins here.

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3. Glam pumpkins

Glam things up in your home with some dreamy and elegant pumpkins in golden and fancy shades. Pair them with retro inspired elements and sophisticated furniture. Learn the tutorial here.

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4. Boho pumpkins

Do you have a bohemian or Californian chic home? Then, the boho style pumpkins will be just perfect for you. Match them with boho inspired elements and prepare for a cozy fall. Learn the tutorial here.

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5. Decoupage pumpkins

Get your creative mood on and start making some decoupage pumpkins that will look gorgeous in an elegant or stylish home. Check out the tutorial here.

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6. Checkers pumpkins

The checkers print defines the fall season, so choose to make some cool pumpkins with this classy and timeless prints. Go and learn the tutorial here.

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7. Glitter and Halloween themed Pumpkins

Do you enjoy Halloween? Then, make some themed pumpkins that also have some chic and stylish glitter on it. Have fun and check out the tutorial here.

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8. Artsy pumpkins

If you’re good at painting or love to paint this is the perfect idea for you. This decoration will look great in a vintage inspired home or an eclectic one so study the tutorial here.

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9. Dreamy Iridescent pumpkins

Get the glow on with these iridescent pumpkins. They look super cool and they will look absolutely amazing in a modern and cool home. Learn how to make them here.

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10. Retro pumpkins

Since the retro trend is so popular right now, why not try some retro pumpkins? Make some look like a crazy disco ball or choose some in bold colors, here are some ideas.

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