10 Dreamy ideas to surround deco items with string lights for a magic and cozy home

We know it’s not Christmas yet, but until then surround your home with dreamy neutral string lights. There are never too much of them so check out ten dreamy ideas to surround deco items with them for a magic and cozy vibe in your home:

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1. Add them around a mirror

Knowing that the statement mirrors are a huge trend right now, make them super cozy by surrounding them with dreamy string lights. Gorgeous, right? This is for sure my favorite idea!


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2. Place them next to and around your sofa

Besides covers, furry rugs and a lot off pillows, make your living room cozier with string lights. Add them on the floor next to a rug or decorate the walls next to your sofa with them.

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3. Decorate with lights the wall next to your bed

Make your bed a magic and bohemian dream and add a lot of string lights behind your bedframe. You can mix and match this lights with cute memories, picture or artsy framed pictures.

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4. Add them around a bar cart

Let the party begin and set a cool and shiny mood next to your bar cart. If you pick a golden one the lights will look amazing, especially if you match them also with a disco ball.


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5. Create a magic vibe in your balcony

The dreamy string lights are just amazing for a warm fall night where you can enjoy the comfort of your balcony and have a glam drink. Pure magic! So place them anywhere in your balcony and add lots of them.

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6. Decorate a window with them

Decorating a window with magical string lights will make every landscape or view looking more amazing. Also, from your kitchen window to your bedroom or living room window, each one of them will become dreamier with these gorgeous lights.

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7. Set the mood next to your nightstand

You bedroom is always the most cozy space of your home, so shut your bedroom lights and just leave he nightstand to shine on with the most gorgeous neutral lights you can find.

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8. Add them around a ladder

An easy way to decorate your home with string lights is adding them around a ladder. Then, place this dreamy ladder anywhere in your home add match it with artsy deco elements.

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9. Decorate your dreamy bathroom

If you are careful with water or you have special lights you can also decorate your bathroom with these lovely decorations and match them with a lot of plants to create a resort kind of vibe.

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10. Make a dreamy nook with a wall full of lights

Last, but not least cover full wall of your home in lights. This deco idea will look amazing and will make all your items that are next to this wall really shine!

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