8 Dreamy Deco ideas for a small apartment

Make a small apartment as dreamy and practical as possible. Think of the new deco trends and find the best solutions for your tiny apartment. So, here are eight dreamy deco ideas for a small apartment:

1. Pair your dining space with your living room

The new open spaces always show a kitchen and a living room that blend in perfectly together. That’s why a dining space can be used as the perfect blend element between these two spaces. So, choose one that matches the living room and make it as fabulous as possible to make it one of the most attractive pieces of your living space.

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2. Use dividers to showcase more rooms

If you live in a studio apartment or you have more open space rather than walls, use cool dividers to give the illusion of more rooms. Use the ones that are shaped like bookshelves or shelves, besides dividing a space they are also great storing solutions.

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3. Make a tiny bistro dining area instead of a big one

Instead of a big table filled with chairs that take a lot of the space of your home, make a tiny bistro area where you can serve dinner, breakfast or have an intimate wine party. If you have guests, choose extra folding chairs and tables.

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4. Create an office space in a corner of your room or integrate it in your shelves

Most of the small apartments are to tiny to fit an office, that’s why think of the perfect space for it, in a corner of your living room or your bedroom or even in one of your shelves. For this, choose a tiny office table that can fit your laptop and a comfy and stylish chair.

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5. Use framed pictures as art instead of different objects that need a lot of space

Framed pictures and art are a big trend right now and can make any space look fabulous, especially the new line art or colorful abstract art in the seventies colors. So, instead of a lot of deco elements, cover your walls with a lot of framed pictures that match the colors scheme of your apartment.

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6. Choose multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture is the best idea for a small apartment. Think of an ottoman that has hidden storage space or a sofa or bed with storage solutions. Also, think of a table that becomes a desk, a chair that can be also a table and other great multifunctional ideas you can find.

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7. Pick folding chairs and tables for extra space and home parties

If you love to have a lot of guest over or throw parties, add extra chairs, but choose folding ones and also folding tables. Hang them on your wall in a corner of any room or in the hallway and be always prepared!

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8. Mix and match your accessories with your books creating a trendy bookcase

A bookcase can also be your bedroom cabinet or otherwise, so mix and match your favorite books and deco items with your most beloved accessories: bags, shoes, hats or sunglasses. Besides being practical, this mix will look simply gorgeous.

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