6 Trendy Lighting ideas for your bedroom space

Because in the cold season we want to escape more in the comfy and cozy bedroom, we need the best and trendiest lighting ideas for this dreamy space. So from fabulous to cool lights, here are six ideas for your fall bedroom space:

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1. A fabulous chandelier

Think in style and decorate your bedroom in a really fancy way. Besides your living room or dining space, a chandelier in a creative shape will look amazing in your bedroom making it a special place to be in. Add in on top of your bed or next to it and dream big!

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2. A cool floor lamp

Floor lamps are getting cooler and cooler and they are perfect if you are a fan of dim light or you love to read before going to bed. Also, it’s a classy home decor element and goes great next to your nightstand or in a cozy reading corner made with a fancy chair and this dreamy lamp. For this season choose a golden one or a chic one made of black steel.

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3. Lower lamps on top of you nightstands

Get inspired by the hotel deco ideas and add lower lamps on top of your nightstand. Think about symmetry and match your lamp and your nightstands. This perfect balance will make the room seem more organized and tidier. So, browse through your favorite hotel rooms and see which lighting ideas fit best for your home.

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4. Magic light on top of your bed

To get extra cozy this fall decorate the window next to your bed or you bed frame with a lot of dreamy lights. Remember there are never too much of them, so make your bed and bedroom as magical as you wish and then choose the perfect book or TV show to read or watch before going to bed.


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5. Lighted words

The lighted words are super cool this year and they go pretty dreamy everywhere. Add them on your bedroom floor or you nightstand, windows or even your wall and make this space looking super stylish. Pick a cute saying or a word that characterizes you.

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6. Industrial light bulbs

Add a group of light bulb around your bed or on top of your nightstand and create a cool space that will instantly become eye catchy. Match these dreamy lighting ideas with any deco style and match it with cool framed pictures.


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