6 Stylish trends to try this fall

The fall season (my favorite one) is coming soon so you have to get prepared and refresh your home, at least a little part of it. To help you out we thought about this year’s trends and the specific autumn ones and gathered 6 stylish trends to try this fall:

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1. Velvet in rich colors

Velvet is still a big trend so get inspired by the fall colors when choosing the perfect velvet pieces for your home. Rich and vivid colors such as red, emerald green, orange, yellow or dark blue are the prettiest shades you can choose right now when it comes to velvet.

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2. The cheetah print

Beware eccentrics and animal print lovers, the cheetah prints is back! Think of your favorite leopard and jaguar prints and choose them for tiny chairs, dishes, pillow cushion, fashionable rugs or different fashion accessories that can serve as great deco pieces. Match them in artsy, colorful an eclectic interiors and with golden elements, they will blend in perfectly. Also, when paired with green plants they will recreate an urban jungle in your lovely home.

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3. Nature inspired elements

From items of furniture made out of stone, the ones made of precious gems, rattan, raffia or wood, add a nature vibe in your home and make your home really spectacular. Pair these items with shiny metals for a fancy space or with neutral shades for a calm vibe.

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4. Deluxe headboards

In the cold season we tend to stay more at home and search for the coziest spots we can find. That’s why your bed can become a cozy nook for fall and winter. Choose a deluxe headboard that will make you feel Royal and that will also make you feel like living in a gorgeous hotel.

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5. Bold colors

Bold and artsy colors are still the elements that will stand out in your home. So, in this new season think more colorful and get inspired by a retro color scheme which is also the color scheme for a transitional season and the dreamy autumn.

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6. Golden details

Golden details are still a huge thing and they perfectly with the fall season. Just think about emerald green or burgundy red, they will just shine more with some fancy golden details. Try this trend for vintage mirrors, lamps, and decorative deco items or even for shelves and your coffee or side table.

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