10 New IKEA items to pick out this fall

It’s that time of your year, time for browsing through the new IKEA catalogue to find the perfect fall items for your home. Here are ten new autumn items that I recommend for the new season:

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1. The cool black chair

The Odger chair is pretty cool and will definitely make your dining space more stylish. Also, you can choose it as a cool nightstand for a minimal room. Shop it here.

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2. The nostalgic dresser

Looking like a vintage chest, this amazing Nikkeby dresser with 4 drawers will help you be more organized and also have a stylish bedroom or dressing space. Also, it works magic in a neutral room, find it here.

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3. The creative dressing

If you love seeing your clothes all the time hanged out, add them in a creative way on a stylish Nikkeby dresser in a trendy color. You can find it here.

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4. The tiny kitchen island

Grey is super stylish for a kitchen space, so this tiny Tornviken kitchen island its super useful for a big kitchen space and looks amazing. It will inspire you in creating new recipes, shop it here.

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5. The cozy rug

This season get cozy with a furry rug in a versatile shades. This Nautrup rug sure looks pretty Scandinavian so pair it with cool designs and minimal or Scandi elements. Discover it here.

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6. Colorful geometric posters

The geometrical shades are still trendy and the colorful art is a big thing right now. So, these Bild posters will find their perfect spot in your dreamy home. Shop them here.

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7. Organized office

Time to get back to school, college or just give a cool refresh to you home office space. That’s why you will love this multi-functional Mojlighet Notice & whiteboard that has also a storage space. Find it here.

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8. The retro inspired poster

Do you have a French chic or retro home? Then, this gorgeous poster will fit in perfectly. It’s amazing, so check it out here.

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9 The bamboo vase

Since the nature inspired elements are a huge thing in home decor, you will love this bamboo oversized vase that will make any room look more refined. Discover it here.

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10. The refined utility cart

A utility cart is always a practical solution for your kitchen or living room. Store cool items in it, also you can store dishes, mugs, a coffee set or your favorite magazines. Find it here.

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