7 Lighting ideas for your bathroom space

Choosing the perfect lighting for your bathroom space is usually the most difficult part. Not all models work in this area of your home, you have to pick  special type of lights that work in this humid space. So, to help you out in finding stylish solutions, here are seven bathroom lighting ideas for your dreamy home.

Think about the style of your bathroom space, the size you want your lighting to be and also the color of the pendant. Usually in this kind of interior silver or golden shades really glam up the space. Nevertheless, the style of your bathroom lighting can change the look of the whole room. Think that mid century inspired lamps can make a space  looking like a bathroom from a hotel with a retro vibe or a hanging bulb will give a more industrial vibe to a bathroom space. So, check out the suggestions we have for you:

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1. Original shapes

The lighting pieces usually make a statement in a room and are often a point of interest in an interior. That’s why in a small and minimal space such as the bathroom, choose a wall sconce with a very cool shape that’s will instantly capture your attention. Add it around a contemporary inspired mirror in a classy shade.

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2. A retro touch

Retro and round lights that usually look like a nightstand lamp give a dreamy vibe to a bathroom space. Also, they go great in a vintage or mid century inspired bathroom space that has a very luxe twist to it. What do you think?

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3. Linear lightning

This classy and versatile idea is great around a rectangular mirror, but it also makes a great contrast with a round one. This type of lightning is also timeless and very chic and great for a minimal, industrial or classic bathroom space.

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4. The hanging bulb

This solution is super cool and is trending for a couple of years. So think about the main point of attraction of your bathroom or the center of it and hang there the lights. Also, you can add them next to the mirror space for a better lighting where you actually need it. This idea goes great in a man cave bathroom, an industrial space or it gives a great contrast to bohemian or Scandinavian inspired bathroom space.

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5. Industrial lights

This easy to add lighting idea will give a cool and modern vibe to a traditional or minimal bathroom space. It has an edgy vibe, an industrial look and it fits just perfectly the space around your mirror, especially if you have a minimal one with no frames or a black or brown rectangular mirror.

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6. White bulbs

Want a very artistic and fabulous art deco vibe in your bathroom space? Well then, choose some round white lights with a retro twist. You can choose simple ones or the glam lights with golden or silver accents. Nevertheless, they will look simply stunning and will make this space looking like a dreamy modern interior but with a couple of retro vibes.

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7. Vintage inspired lights

How about a tiny bathroom lookalike chandelier? It will work perfectly in a country or shabby chic inspired bathroom or even in a modern one you wish to make more spectacular. Love it!

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