Luxury Pianos You Will Appreciate In Your Living Room

You cannot miss them. You cannot avoid them, and there is no mistaking how beautiful and breath-taking they look.

They may be expensive, and available in limited numbers, but that is whythey are all the more desirable.

Luxury pianos add class and style to any living room where a space is made for them. Obviously, they are not mass-produced, and are present in only a few homes dueto cost.

There are several companies which specialize in producing luxury grand piano. From Italian piano makers like Frazolliand Bechstein to Bluthner, Bosendorferas well as Steinway andSons, all these piano makers are experts at making premium pieces.


Thinking of including a luxury piano in your living room, you should go for  top brandlike one of Italy’s best piano makers with over forty years’ experience in making luxury pianos.

To pick up any of these iconic pieces, you would have to make your booking early as this company only produces about 100 pieces of pianos every year.

Fazioli pianos are usually known for their rich tones and their powerful sounds and are mostly made from the most durable woods witha delicate acrylic polish.

Prospective users can choose any of the six different models available and also request for modifications and customizations to suit their taste.


For over 160 years, this German company has been in the business of making affordable, yet exclusive, upright and grand pianos for individuals and large musical companies.

Bechstein pianos add that extra luxurious feel to your living room. They are crafted beautifully withexteriorsthatsport the most brilliantcolors ranging from ivory and black to white with a touch of gold and silver.


Bluthner is one of the top four piano brands in the world, and they are a top choice for individuals who want their living room to come to life with a feel of royalty.

Their pianos come in different sizes and you can either opt for an upright piece or a grand piano.

A category of customers add sentiment to their purchase of these pianos asfamous music artists like Formby, Dodie, Johann Strauss, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and many others have been spotted playing on Bluthner branded pianos.


This is one luxury piano item every collector should have in their homes. Having a grand piano with a Bosendorfer inscription willadd a unique effect to your living room that only a Bosendorferbrand can create.

Unfortunately, despite the brilliant design and varyingsize options,these pianos come with a dreadful price tag. You can go for their signature pitch-black model or any other availablevariants.

Steinway and Sons

Another luxury piano brand that has dominated the headlines in recent times.Steinway and sonshas was in the business of making luxury pianos available for over 150 years. You can choose from any of their wide collection of pianos ranging from their exotic wooden collection to the Pops collection.



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