Home Makeover Ideas: Interior Decorating On A Budget

Is your home looking a bit boring these days? Want to transform your dull place to a little more welcoming? If yes, then follow our guide given below. In this guide, we have listed some savvy home makeover ideas that will fresh up the look of your house without putting a strain on your wallet. Have a look:

  • Update your bathroom: Clean any clutter lying in your bathroom and put everything else in storage. Select a theme and replace the old mirror, lights, mats, soap cases, towel bars, shower curtains, and so on. If you have artistic abilities, paint the walls, cabinets, windowpanes. To spruce your bathroom within budget, opt for bathroom renovations Camden Haven solutions from Pacific Designer Bathrooms.
  • Pay attention to the entrance: Update your house entrance by giving a new look to the front door. Paint it in a unique shade like chartreuse-green or buttercup-yellow to make it capture more attention than usual. Also, update the doormats and entrance lightings.
  • Make changes to the Kitchen: Spruce up your cooking place by de-cluttering old kitchen utensils, jars, etc. and replacing them with new ones. If you have a messy kitchen, it’s time to add some cabinets. Make your kitchen walls look interesting by hanging a pinup board with colorful discount coupons, photos, stick recipes, and so on. Also, if you have a fridge in the kitchen, decorate it with beautiful stick-on magnets.
  • Spruce up the Living Room: Replacing old furniture with a new one can be expensive. So, instead of getting those new sofa sets, change the upholstery. Buy new covers that go well with your updates sofas. Rearrange furniture to make your living room a bit more exciting. Make a few DIY craft projects such as a hanging clock, posters, photo clips using lights, bottle vases, etc. Also, add a few planters in a corner or near the hallway to add both freshness and color to the place. For a more modern touch, go for a combination of planters with concealed lighting and a miniature water fountain. If you think maintaining the plants would be a problem, look for artificial variations. If you have a wine cupboard, decorate its shelves with a mix of new and old glassware. You can also give the bar cabinet a new look by painting it in an unexpected color.

  • Make bedrooms more Exciting: Self-paint the walls of your bedroom and make sure to give them an interesting touch. You can make DIY umbrella-wall fixtures for your room. For the kids’ room, you can decorate the walls with something like stars and clouds. Change the curtains, rugs, bedcovers, pillows, mirror, etc. Get a few lamps for your rooms or make them on your own. You can also add a few DIY art pieces to make your bedroom more attractive.
  • New Table Settings: Change the look of your dining table by replacing the old runner with a new one. Also, bring in new napkin holders and tablecloths. Get new and interesting pepper and salt shakes. Placing a gorgeous vase on the table will also bring a significant change to your table area.


Photo by Daria Shevtsova  &  Dmitry Zvolskiy from  Pexels

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