Buying a New Mattress: Fact Versus Fiction

Do you toss and turn at night and wake up feeling tired instead of refreshed? Is your mattress bumpy and lumpy with dips and craters, and if your sleeping partner moves during the night, do you wake up, too?

These are all symptoms of an old, worn out mattress that should be replaced. In general, mattresses should be replaced every eight to 10 years. Thus, if you bought a mattress for your high school senior when he was in kindergarten, it’s time to go shopping.

To make the mattress-buying experience as pleasant as possible — and help ensure you get the best mattress for your needs — here’s a look at some of the most common mattress myths and truths:

Myth: If You Have Back Problems, Go for a Hard Mattress

If you experience back issues, many people believe they need the firmest mattress money can buy. While a hard mattress may be prudent if you sleep only on your side, in general, you need one that will support your back as well as your shoulders and hips. When you’re lying down on a rock-hard mattress, the curve of your back will not be supported, which will put more pressure on your spine and lead to more pain.

Truth: Spend Plenty of Time Lying Down on the Mattresses

When you go mattress shopping, be prepared to spend a good amount of time trying out different makes and models. Now, you may feel kind of funny plopping down on a number of mattresses, but there really isn’t another advantageous substitute for this step.

Lie down on your back and stretch your body out fully and then get into your favorite sleeping position. Roll back and forth and then sit on the edge of the bed to check the firmness in this area. Ideally, shoot for about 10 minutes per bed, which will give you a good idea of how it feels on your body.

As a side note, if you plan to buy a mattress online, head to a showroom first to test out the model in person.

Myth: Always Believe the Reviews

Of course, while it can be helpful to look up online reviews of mattress stores to see what other customers have to say, keep in mind you may not be reading the whole story. Stores may post only the best customer reviews on their website, and they may also have taken steps to have negative reviews removed on sites like Yelp.

So, do plenty of digging on the stores where you plan to shop and ask trusted friends and family if they have any advice. Moreover, Google the names of some mattress shops to see if anything concerning pops up and avoid those that have unsavory reputations.

Truth: Your Mattress Needs Will Change Over Time

Now, the mattress you bought 10 years ago may have been nice and comfortable for your body then, but your physique — and mattress requirements — may have changed over the years. Indeed, the bargain mattress you bought when you were in college or were newly married may not cut the proverbial mustard for you now.

In this situation, resist the urge to simply replace the make and model you already own; after all, you may have gained or lost weight and need extra support while you snooze. Just as you likely don’t buy the same car repeatedly but instead consider your needs and wants, you should do the same for a mattress.

Enjoy a Better Night’s Sleep

Whether you get 40 winks a night or tend to be a bit sleep deprived, you need and deserve to have a mattress that’s comfortable, supportive and helps ensure you get the best rest possible. By being aware of the facts and fiction surrounding mattresses, you’ll feel comfortable knowing you chose a great mattress that’s perfect for your body.


Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

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