Top 10 – The most chic kitchen spaces this summer can have

This summer pick a relaxing and chic kitchen space or go glam and luxurious! Here are my top ten picks for this beautiful season. Which kitchen is your favorite on? Bon appétit!

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1. Cool accents

Light gray kitchen cabinets and golden handles are the coolest things you can pick for your kitchen right now! Moreover, make this space even cooler by picking black and white framed pictures and cool quotes written in chic letters. If it’s your kitchen it doesn’t mean it can’t be cool and full of deco elements.

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2. The beauty within the details

If you love styling your kitchen space or any space, choose the trendy and French chic inspired open shelves. Then, style them with your prettiest dishes, mugs, glasses along with green plants, candles and framed pictures.


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3. French chic vibe

Think about white and light neutrals when choosing your kitchen cabinets. Then, add cool art around the room and decorate the space with silver details and green plants.


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4. Pretty in pink

Pink kitchens are still super trendy and I absolutely love them for a nostalgic summer season. Match them with neutral elements and marble details and you will love the chic result!

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5. Artsy moment

Match pink cabinets with a navy wall and make a modern kitchen space that will bring a calm vibe into your home. Think also about golden handles and other golden accents around the room and choose also abstract art for this dreamy space.

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6. Golden moment

The golden elements are precious details that are trending this season. So, choose them for a luxurious kitchen and match them with black and white marble and pink cabinets. So stylish!

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7. Aristocratic vibe

A chandelier for your kitchen space? Yes, please, especially if it goes in a pink and golden kitchen, a glam look you can choose for this amazing summer.

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8. Light green moments

Light green is a super relaxing shade you can pick for your kitchen cabinets this summer. Make this space super chic by choosing black and white tiles and neutral bistro chairs.

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9. Relaxing moments

For a Scandinavian inspired kitchen with a relaxing vibe match blue cabinets with a lot of green plants. Pair them with a dreamy dining space with a marble table and neutral chairs. Absolutely dreamy!

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10. Modern look

Think of summer and the sea and pair navy cabinets with white subway tiles. Make this space more modern by adding colorful art around the room 

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