5 Easy steps to make your home a summer retreat

Although you don’t go everyday in a different trips in the summer season, why not make your home the ultimate summer retreat? Think of every room as a different journey, get inspired by the hotel design and search for nature inspired spots or calm spaces in your own home. Here are 5 easy steps to make your home your perfect summer retreat:

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1. Choose & style a breakfast tray to serve breakfast in bed

I know we have a lot of lazy summer days; I do to, so it’s time to start serving your breakfast in bed or surprise someone with this chic idea. Choose a gorgeous tray and style it with flowers, fresh juice, water and a delicious breakfast. You will definitely enjoy your home more!

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2. Make a dining area in your living room

Imagine you are in a bed and breakfast facility and you get out of bed and go serve breakfast. Well, you can do this in your own home, by creating a beautiful and chic dining area in a corner of your living room. Add dreamy flowers on the table and choose dreamy dishes to serve breakfast, lunch or dinner on and also pick fabulous glasses to enjoy every day at home, in your own private retreat.

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3. Transform a tiny kitchen into a chic bistro

If you love the small cities or the charm of the dreamy Paris, transform your kitchen into a bistro space, especially a tiny one. Choose bistro chairs, a round table and decorate the corner with flowers, long candles and a lot of art. Serve coffee, wine, appetizers and start amazing conversations with your friends and loved ones. Cherish every moment in your home and start making more memories.

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4. Give your bathroom a SPA vibe

The Spa elements are super popular this summer so pick them for your dreamy bathroom. Choose tiny chairs, wooden and rattan elements and make this space super peaceful. Add also oversized green plants or flowers and if you have a bathtub style it with a tray decorated with candles and books.

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5. Make your balcony looking like a gorgeous garden

A summer home terrace is a must if you have a balcony. Surround comfy furniture with a lot of green plants and set the mood to make this space magical with a lot of lights and candles. Add printed pillows and enjoy a dreamy night in your chic terrace space.

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