5 Dreamy things a Gemini loves in home decor

A dual sign, a Gemini will always search for variety in its dreamy home. That’s why the eclectic style fits best this very creative sign that tends to mix modern items with classy and traditional ones. So, from the modern and creative prints, to bold colors or neutral rooms with just a hint of color, you have to be daring and have a wide imagination when it come to a Gemini home.

Speaking of colors, you have to think about the ones you don’t usually do. And we mean bright orange, hot pink or lavender, which you can pick for different objects or pieces of furniture of your eclectic home. Very sociable and communicative signs, people born in the Gemini sign will love rooms where they can entertain guests and they will focus on those particular rooms. So think about a cool and large dining space and an entertaining and comfy living room where everyone will have its best time.

Also, making up your mind a lot, you tend to often redecorate. So, don’t think about a lot of big investment in your home, just pick one or two statement items and, then, for the rest, pick affordable items that are easy to switch. Also, you tend to be very messy or clutter oriented because of your indecisive character, so try to have a lot of storing solution in your home and organizational boxes where you can hide the unnecessary objects.

So, to sum it up, here are five dreamy things a Gemini needs in its gorgeous home:

1. An eclectic room

2. A piece of furniture in a bright color

3. An entertaining living room


4. A wide dining space

5. Storing solutions

Do you agree?

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