Gemini zodiac sign – All about the colors this sign loves in home decor


Monotonous is never the synonymous when it comes to a Gemini’s home. This sign loves designs that stand out, big rooms that serve as entertaining spaces and a modern touch. Because they get bored easily you have to have a variety in this home, a touch or color and items that show the dynamic personality of a Gemini. Also, a Gemini will talk a lot about it’s home so it has to be special. Here are five colors this sign loves in home decor:

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1. Yellow

A hyperactive sign such as Gemini will love this bold and daring shade like yellow. Moreover, yellow is a happy color that makes you smile and that’s exactly what a Gemini makes you do constantly – smile and laugh!

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2. Light blue

Yellow or orange and blue go great together, so think of this color combo when it comes to decorating you home. Moreover, in all the bold colors you love, you need that special balanced color such as light blue. That’s great for a moment of peace and relaxation you need in your busy and sociable life.

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3. Hot pink

Nobody can rock an unusual color like you, so think of hot pink when it comes to your home and make it really creative! Pair it with neutrals and if you need a little more glam, add a little gold to this color scheme.

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4. Light green

A creative and dynamic color, light green really defines a Gemini. Also, it’s a color that makes you think of nature and the people born under the Gemini sign really love the nature’s beauty and dynamics. Moreover, choose this dreamy color especially for your walls.

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5. Orange

A bold color such as orange shows the special nature of a Gemini, its daring side and also its great conversational skills. Gemini is a pretty powerful and sociable sign and a color like orange will define it’s personality in its dreamy home.

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