Outdoor Space Design Trends For The Summer

One of the joys of home decoration is that you’re rarely going to be stuck in a period of monotony. Between the shifting of seasons, continual updates to trends, and advancement of home technology, there will always be something new that you want to try. While some people may find it a nuisance to have to redecorate every now and then, those who have the passion for decorating are more than happy to do so.

And while we’re halfway through the summer, it still isn’t too late to jump on the hottest trends. Naturally, the first thing you’re going to want to avoid is the unbearable heat. This makes outdoor living spaces quite enticing, especially when they‘re properly designed for summer. So, what design trends should you be looking at?

Natural Textured Walls

If you want to have an outdoor space that’s directed toward keeping cool in the summer, then you need to choose your materials well. While wood is usually a good choice for a patio or deck, you might also want to consider tumbled or chiseled stone. Apart from the fact that the visual texture looks nice, they also dissipate heat quite well. Contrast the stone grey with an assortment of plants to create an outdoors and a classical stone-based design.

Water Features

 Having a fountain at your outdoor space is becoming more common as people naturally love the sound of running water. If you decided to go for a natural stone design, then water should contrast nicely with the grey tones of the stones. You can go for any design that you want. Water features add value, ambiance and beauty to your outdoor space but you also have to consider maintenance, so choose a water feature that you’re sure you’re able to maintain consistently.

Seamless Transitions

This goes beyond simple doors and windows that act as borders between rooms. This involves full folding walls and screens that seem to make the inner room expand to the outer area. Imagine folding the wall of your living room to reveal a direct path to your swimming pool or having one wall of your bedroom open to reveal a deck where you can gaze at the stars at night. And while you’re going to need expert builders like the ones at Prince William, I think it’s safe to say that the impression and the increase in value of your home is well worth it. 

Outdoor Lighting

The majority of time spent in outdoor spaces is during the evening and on weekends. As far as outdoor lighting goes, you’re not limited to lamps and bonfires. LED lights are capable of emitting bright light with minimal power consumption. If you’re building a new outdoor area, you can have these lights installed inside steps. However, if you’re trying to fit these into an existing area, you might want to focus instead on landscape lighting to keep costs low.

So, with these design tips, you shouldn’t have much trouble designing an outdoor space that you’re bound to be proud of. And since you’re already working on the outdoor are of your home, you might as well consider reinventing your backyard to match your new area.


Photo by Jude Stevens from Pexels

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