7 Dreamy Interior Styles for Your Home Office

The number of people working from home is greater than ever before. With the huge advancements of technology like computers and the internet, freelance and remote working has exploded.

Whether you work from home full time or occasionally put in some extra hours over the weekend, you need to create a space where you can get your head down and feel inspired. We’ve created a list of popular interior design styles you can use in your home office and what you need to do achieve them.

A Minimalist Office

A minimalist office removes everything but the essentials, leaving you with a clear and open space to work in. It should consist of a white or neutral colour palette for the majority of the room with small splashes of colour. Let in as much natural light as possible to the room by removing curtains or opting for voils.

Keep the furniture to a minimum, with simply a desk, chair and one basic storage item. A select few types of wall art and accessories can be added such as a throw on the chair. Avoid all types of clutter like papers to maintain a completely minimalist style.

A minimalist office is a great option for someone who doesn’t like distractions and prefers to work in a breathable and clean space.

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A Natural Office

In your natural home office, the outside world will be a huge feature. Choose furniture made from real wood, especially your desk. For the walls, light earthy tones or a bright white will look best. Add in environmental wall art such as a forest wall mural or a wall print of your favourite wild animal.

Keep window dressing to a minimum and open up your windows on nice days to let the fresh air into your office. Incorporate house plants to brighten up your space even more. They will also help to improve air quality by removing pollutants and toxins.

A natural office is perfect for someone who longs to be outside who needs a comfortable space to work.

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A Scandinavian Office

A Scandinavian-style home office is a simple and minimal space that’s highly functional. For this style, like minimalism, a white or neutral colour tone is best for the background, however, more colour can be added with your art and accessories.

Don’t be too excessive with your furniture. Try adding a desk, chair and a couple of different storage options. Avoid too much clutter but express yourself in a variety of different ways. Plants will make a great feature, adding colour to your space.

A Scandinavian office is best-suited to someone who likes a clear and open space but who don’t want the tight constraints of minimalism.

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An Industrial Office

An industrial office combines a retro feel with a mechanical atmosphere. Reclaimed furniture made from Pallet Toronto, heavy wood and metal should be your main components. For your chair, a faded leather will finish off the style.

For the walls, dark earth tones or exposed brick have an incredible industrial aesthetic. Decorate with some quirky wall art and accessories that have a vintage vibe.

An industrial office is best suited to someone who’s not afraid of getting their hands a little dirty.

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A Bohemian Office

A bohemian-style office is experimental, using colour, patterns and natures all mixed together. Natural wood furniture works well, especially wicker. Don’t limit what you include. Feel free to try out different features.

Include bright and colourful art as well as a patterned rug to emulate the boho style. Add in large bright green plants such as ferns and ivy in wicker baskets.

A bohemian style is better for those who like to be free and experimental both in their style and overall lifestyle.

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A Vintage Office

A vintage office features timeless pieces of furniture reclaimed from times gone by. A perfect addition is a large wooden writing desk with a leather pad and a worn leather chair.

Go for a bright colour on the wall, decorate with geometric patterns or add some wood panelling. For accessories, try adding leather-bound books or an ornamental typewriter.

A vintage office is perfect for a fan of the world gone by. Someone who loves the fashion of Don Draper’s Mad Men style office from the 1960s or even earlier than that. Choose whichever era inspires you and decorate your office to that fashion.

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A Modern Home Office

A modern office will mirror the atmosphere of the highly technical modern age. Dark furniture made from black glass, shiny metal and coloured wood is popular. Keep clutter to a minimum especially with paper etc.

Pastel tones or dark walls should be used for the walls with experimental art in the form of line paintings, photographs or abstract art. A modern office is for someone who loves the contemporary world and is obsessed with the latest technology. The office should give a sense of organisation and style.

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Office styles are personal to each individual. Choose a design that you like and is best suited to your wind and working mentality. If you’re not sure what to go for, you could mix styles together to create the perfect office for you.

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