5 Things you must avoid when decorating your living room

When decorating our home, we often start with the living room, usually the main attraction in a home and the place where everyone gets together. But, when it comes to this space we tend to make a lot of mistakes so here are five things to avoid:

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1. Picking a rug that’s too small

The main key to a living room carpet is that he can ground the whole setting area around it, otherwise is too small. So make sure you get a big enough rug for this dreamy room and also this season think about an ethno inspiring one or one with classy stripes.

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2. Making your home look more like a museum rather than a welcoming area.

This is a very common mistake, but a lot of us try so hard in making our home pretty, classy and elegant that we forget the comfort part. If you want a welcoming living room, guests will look for comfy spaces to sit on or things that really look inviting. That’s why having too much museum like furniture will make your guest not so comfortable in sitting around or staying too much in your home. So if you really want a certain chair that’s more museum like, at least pair it with a really comfy sofa.

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3. Choosing only the same style for your furniture and deco elements

Sometimes a small touch of an eclectic look is perfect for your home style. Having the same style all over your living room can look too simple and boring. So, think about the style of your room and mix it with another style you really love. Mix modern pieces with vintage items, mix the Scandinavian style with industrial elements or mix a retro look with a gorgeous Parisian chic style. Also, only when mixing at least two styles, your deco elements can really stand out being truly different.

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4. Making everything perfect, especially when it comes to the alignment

A home that’s too symmetrical can easily look messy if just one items is different. So rather than choosing the same height for everything, mix and match different height and proportion. This way, everything will look more balanced and dreamy.

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5. Getting more things than you actually need

Do we really need a lot of stuff in our living room? The answer is no. You need to focus on the essentials like a gorgeous and neutral sofa or a fabulous dining table and of course, a stylish coffee table. Also, this season think about multi functional pieces that are tables and also chairs or true floating shelves that will save you a lot of space and help you have a splendid living room.

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