Line art – 5 Reasons why this particular artistic deco idea is so popular right now

Inspired by Picasso, Magritte, Miró and Matisse, fine art is the most popular item you can choose this season for your gallery wall or you can add in your home as a great statement piece that will make your home super dreamy. We love this abstract line art, so here are eight reasons why you should consider it for your home:

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1. It can transform a simple space into a cool one

Add this kind of art in an interior or corner of your home that lacks style or that needs that final touch to it. Also, add in an old room or a space you want to make more modern. This easy trick helps a space be cool in no time. Pick two different ones in a room and add them in a line, make a cool gallery with them or add a statement piece next to a chair or a table.

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2. It works wonders in the trendy café au lait spaces

Line art is great for the trendy café au lait spaces we are obsessing about this season. It make these spaces looking more retro, nostalgic and also artistic. So, pick a cool piece like this for a brown interior, add it next to a retro chair or a wall in the lovely light brown color.

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3. It blends in great with any gallery wall

This kind of art is ideal when you want to refresh your gallery wall with something new or you have a minimal or black and white themed gallery wall. Mix line art with artsy pictures, quotes, prints, famous posters or images and you will have a modern and chic gallery wall for your dreamy home.

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4. It looks great in any home style

The line art is super versatile so choose it for any kind of home. It will blend in great in a minimal or retro home, it will bring an artsy vibe in a Scandinavian interior and it will be super nostalgic for a Parisian chic or bohemian space.

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5. It gives an artistic touch to any kind of interior

No matter what kind of space you pick it for, line art is super artistic. It shows movement, facial expression and a lot of creativity which really gives personality and an artsy vibe to a space.


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