9 Gorgeous ideas for a bohemian kitchen space

This spring make your dreamy kitchen boho themed and a relaxing spot for your trendy home. To help you out, we gathered nine gorgeous ideas for a bohemian kitchen space, check them out:

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1. Get your boho rug

Decorate a neutral kitchen with a printed rug that will instantly give a bohemian vibe to this space. Also, mix art and deco items with your dishes and create an eclectic an artsy vibe that goes great with the bohemian style.

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2. Gold and boho

This season the golden elements are trending so mix a glam and bohemian deco mix using furniture with golden details, copper dishes and a lot of plants and flowers to decorate your kitchen. You will love this stylish mix that blends modernity with nature.

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3. Dinner is served

Choose open shelves for your bohemian kitchen and decorate them with your prettiest dishes. Next to them add a retro inspired dining table with mixed vintage chairs. Don’t forget some neutrals and chic dishes, long white candles and a lot of green plants that will keep the boho spirit in this dreamy space.

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4. Boho and modern

Choose a shade of green for your boho kitchen cabinets and pair them with the stylish golden handles. Also, emphasize on the greenery of this space by choosing a lot of tiny plants in jars that you can add on your kitchen counter or near your window or by choosing oversized plants for the corners of your kitchen space.

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5. The new boho

Make your kitchen around a bar counter and choose modern bar stools and a lot of exotic oversized plants. Decorate the space with framed pictures and inspiring quotes and add cute small jars on top of the bar counter. Enjoy your dreamy bohemian kitchen!

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6. Boho & Artsy

Everything is super artistic this season, so bring artsy elements in your bohemian kitchen. Choose abstract art details for your walls or printed pictures and don’t forget the dreamy bohemian details for this space: a statement ethno inspired rug and gorgeous tiny plants.

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7. Pop of color

Do you love colors? Then, choose a chic and trendy paint color for your bohemian kitchen and pair it with printed tiles, exotic plants and colorful furniture and kitchen essentials.

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8. The cool rattan elements

Make your kitchen space bohemian and trendy by choosing rattan chairs for your dining table or cute rattan stools for your kitchen counter. Pair these elements with fresh flowers and vacation inspired elements and plan your next dreamy trip.

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9. Blue & green

Blue is a great color you can choose for your kitchen counter this season, in any shade. Also, to make this space more boho, pair the lovely blue with green leaves added in minimal vases, tiny green plants or fresh spring flowers. You will simply love this chic space!

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