Top 5 Paint colors for 2019

Planning in choosing a new color for your home walls? Well, then you have to check out the top five paint colors for this year. Also, let’s not forget that these dreamy shades work in any room of your home, so just think at what color fits best your personality and the style of your home and start the New Year fresh:

1. Night watch

Luxurious, elegant and nature inspired, Night Watch is that classy, yet modern shade you want in a fancy home. Also, it’s great for nature loves and the ones who really love a refined vibe in their dreamy homes. Pair this wall shade with retro furniture, golden shades and art deco elements for a gorgeous home design.

2. Cavern Clay

Inspired by the desert, this bohemian and also nostalgic color will make your home truly modern. Pair it with light neutrals, green plants and nature inspired fabrics and materials and you’ll love your new home interiors.

3. Spiced honey

A darker shade of honey, this absolutely gorgeous shade will make an interior elegant and retro inspired. For a really modern and happy scenario pair warm shades with seventies inspired colors like orange or burgundy.


4. Living Coral

A relaxing shade that brings optimism and life to a space, Living Coral is that sweet paint color you need for a vacation themed space or one with a modern and retro deco mix. So, pair this shade with vintage inspired deco elements or with deco items that make you think of an exotic vacation like palm trees and tropical framed pictures.

5. Metropolitan

A chic shade I absolutely love, the Metropolitan shade is great for a minimal or Scandinavian interior. Also, you can add this stylish wall shade in rooms that have elegant elements in dark shades like navy brown or forest green, together they will make a modern and dreamy color combo.

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