8 Dreamy Cozy bedrooms on a budget

The key to a cozy and dreamy bedroom? Well, just a few tricks that we will show you. The good part is that they are pretty affordable! So, this winter you don’t need a big budget to make the bedroom of your dreams, just check out these eight low budget ideas that will give this room the hyggee feeling:

1. Breakfast in bed

Buy neutral sheets, this way your bed will look more expensive! Moreover, make them pop out using an Earth tone inspired pillow or cover. Serve you breakfast in bed and also make your bed more stylish using a breakfast tray with cool neutral mugs, bowls and a minimal vase. Also, frame a black and white picture next to the bed, to make it more chic.


2. Boho feeling

If you have a wooden bed, make your bedroom boho inspired. Choose an oversized exotic plant and add in a corner of your room. Also, add artsy framed pictures on top of the bed, pick dreamy candles and choose printed pillows to decorate your bed.

3. New and retro

A modern and retro mix using affordable pieces can always look fresh. So choose minimal furniture and make it shine with retro elements like deco items and paintings and also make the room ”wow” using oversized plants.

4. Exotic mood

Pick all white furniture for your bedroom and give a vacation vibe to this room. Add exotic elements like raffia baskets, green plants and wooden deco elements like small ladders and an ethno inspired rug.

5. Chic vibe

A chic wallpaper can instantly change the look of one room making it look more luxurious. Pair it with an exotic oversized plant in raffia basket and a minimal nightstand with golden elements on top of it, so fancy!

6. Light brown

Pick light brown minimal deco elements for a modern and cool look in your bedroom. Also add minimal vases, candles and other deco items on a simple nightstand. Moreover, instead of flowers choose green leaves for this nighstand styling.

7. Vintage state of mind

Make a French chic inspired bedroom and add a bistro chair instead of a nightstand and decorate it with your favorite books and green plants. Add also neutral sheet and mix white with grey for a calm room vibe.

8. Minimal dream

A mattress bed is actually pretty cool and comfortable and it will also save you a lot of money. So, mix this dreamy bed with an a knitted cover, green plants, black and white pcitures and make a cool nighstant or side table by using a pile of books.

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