7 Cool kitchens you will love this spring

It’s already spring, so you will want the prettiest kitchen to try on new recipes or have over guests to celebrate the new warm season. This season, the colorful kitchens are more popular, co choose one and make this space really happy and creative. Here are seven cool ideas for you:

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1. The night watch kitchen

This season choose a green kitchen, especially one in the popular night watch shade. Pair it with colorful ethno rugs and wooden details. To make this space more glam, choose golden handles for your night watch kitchen cabinets.

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2. Dramatic look

For a romantic and dramatic kitchen space, choose blush pink cabinets, marble details, artsy paintings and flowers in dark colors. You will love this original space that will make your whole home blossom. Also, to make this space even prettier choose retro inspired kitchen appliances.

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3. Dreaming of blue

Blue is another popular shade for this season’s coolest kitchen space. Match it with gold, brown and white and get a cool and glam space you will definitely love to hang out in and try new recipes. Also, choose fancy lamps for this dreamy space and your favorite spring flowers.

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4. Retro look

This season make you kitchen space more retro, by adding vintage inspired furniture or deco elements. Also, you can choose dreamy and colorful retro kitchen appliances like a gorgeous stove or refrigerator. Make this elements really stand out by matching them with neutral furniture.

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5. The relaxing looking kitchen

If you don’t want a colorful kitchen for this spring, but you also want a different, shade choose the dreamy and relaxing Taupe shade. Match it with green plants, lovely raffia elements and vintage and neutral inspired dishes.

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6. Colorful tiles

Choose your favorite colorful tiles for the kitchen floor and match it with grey or neutral kitchen cabinets. Make this space retro inspired by adding vintage deco elements like candlesticks, lamps or dishes.

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7. Subway tiles

Make a modern and fancy looking kitchen space by mixing white subway tiles with elegant shades such as dark green or blue. Choose also glam golden handles for the kitchen cabinets and decorate the space with wooden kitchen utensils and retro deco elements and dishes.

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