Rattan furniture – The relaxing trend we’re obsessing about right now

Waiting for those beautiful warm and calm days to come faster? Well, if you’re constantly dreaming about that perfect summer vacation or spring break you need that calm and relaxing elements in your home that can be a constant reminder of your well deserved days off and that from time to time you really need a break.

Rattan furniture – popular types

Rattan furniture is a trend that captured our attention in the beginning of the year. You can find it in dreamy bohemian spaces or gorgeous Scandinavian rooms, mid century spaces or even interiors featuring the new and cool Japadi style.

You can see relaxing rattan chairs that are perfect outdoor but also indoors, at a dining table or next to a neutral sofa. Also, you can even see rattan sofas, armchairs or dreamy rattan lamps or coffee tables. All, these elements bring a calm vibe to a space, and you need this vibe for your home because we live in a busy time when we need to say ”stop” from time to time.

As for the bedroom, rattan beds can be perfect for a mid century inspired room or a room where you really want a bohemian style. Surround a rattan bed with green oversized plants or dream chasers and you will have a boho oasis that’s perfect for the warm season.

Color scheme for Rattan furniture

The rattan furniture work best with neutrals and all shades of browns, green and the glam gold. Along with green, the dreamy rattan furniture will look relaxing, summer inspired and bohemian. Now, talking about brown, this café au lait color combo will give the space a calm, nostalgic and retro look, that’s super popular right now. Also, for a glam and art deco vibe, pair the rattan furniture with gold and enjoy a luxury lookalike home, that’s perfect for spring.

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