5 dreamy attics you will be smitten with

The improvement of an attic is an operation that has to be carried out on several fronts simultaneously. First, you have to decide what destination it will have. If it’s a rather small space, it’s best to make it a bedroom, a living room or a recreation room. But if it occupies a whole floor, then your attic can be arranged as a true loft with open kitchen.

By definition, a loft is more exposed than other areas of the house at the whims of weather, so it is essential to create a pleasant climate. If you have central heating, do not forget to allocate a sufficient number of heaters for the attic. Maybe a fireplace or even a wood stove tempts you, but you have to think about where to install them, because they involve several essential elements without they can not function.

As for the furniture used in the attic, to integrate it as naturally as possible into this particular space, it is ideal to make it customed. So, not only do you get the most of every useful centimeter (especially in the low roof area), but you can do it from the same wood with which the roof is covered or painted in the same shade.


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