Silvia’s new dreamy home

I think it was August last year when I started buying the first piece of furniture for my dreamy home and I remember it perfectly that it was a chair. Because why not? I’m obsessed with chairs and that is  why I picked four different ones for my home which has different styles  that I will tell you about in the next lines. But the first item I bought was actually the white mug and small black and white plate I found on Istanbul while I was visiting Evteks with Denisa in may. So, as you can well guess, it took a lot of time for me to decorate this place, mostly because of a construction and paper work delay, but now it’s ready and am really proud of it!

Mixing industrial, minimal, cozy and also glam Hollywood details, my new home is a relaxing spot I can stay in for hours and hours without getting bored and that’s because I picked pretty items and things I enjoy watching. From the furniture to the glassware, every detail you pick must be perfect, don’t compromise! It’s better to wait than not pick an item you don’t think it really fits your home. Most of the items were purchased at IKEA and for the deco items Zara Home was definitely my fav spot to pick things up. So, room by room, here is my home that I call dreamy:

The bedroom

Starting with the curtains that I found in an exclusive IKEA collection (they ware the last ones), I thought this room may need a French chic vibe and also a summerish sea breeze. So, all the sheets were blue, the print I found on Etsy was also aqua themed and the nightstand was Old Hollywood inspired and filled with my favorite items.

The thing I mostly wanted for my new home was a walk in closet and I was lucky with the space that permitted a custom-made closet that I really adore and that has a useful bookshelf on the outside, an idea of the talented man that design the project.

The living, dining room and office space

In the first post about my home I’ve told you a little bit about the open living/dining/office space that combined neutral with turquoise in all its shades. Now, I will tell you a little about the prints I picked. Inspired by the guitars my boyfriend has and the love of this pick of Bowie, I really wanted a guitar wall like this one. For the dining space I was inspired by my trip in Porto and this obsessive and rare image of the Porto wine Sandeman mascot. Then, for the office I knew I wanted (since forever) a Prada Marfa print, that I still think it’s too small, but, oh well, I still adore it!

The bathroom

The bathroom space continues the neutral trio – black, white and grey with the same hint of turquoise now in smaller doses. It has a certain Spa vibe to it and that makes it really relaxing. So, I love this chromatic and elements for this space, especially the wooden cabinet.

P.S: The kitchen is not ready yet, but I promise you it will be just as dreamy. Just as small hint: its blue! So stay tuned for the kitchen post and I hope you like my home.

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