The Changing Face of Casinos and Gaming

When Brad Shulz, Vice President of Bergman and Walls Associates said back in 2012 that casinos will have more of a lounge theme, and gamers are going to be able to play games on their mobile devices in much more intimate surroundings, it was a prophecy that would not take long to come to fruition.


For many years, casinos followed the traditional, Bill Friedman-inspired “gaming” design where bright lights, low ceilings, light décor, walls without clock and a mazy layout that always led you back to the gaming areas were believed to manipulate gamers into spending more money.

But, new research suggests that casino owners are moving away from these stereotypical designs.Today, casinos are glamorous outfits designed to be welcoming and impressive, even if the surroundings and the city aren’t that impressive.

This evolution follows David Kranes’ “Play Grounds layout”, a design that has seen casino owners makemuch moreprofit than they ever could have managed with the old design.It seems Bill Friedman got the psychology all wrong because studies show that gamers respond more positively to varied color schemes, static lighting, symmetrical layouts and the clustering of machines by theme.

Casinos are also moving away from the “the bigger, the better” trend. Today, you’ll find that many casinos have a boutique kind of theme, creating intimate spaces within a big space. Paul Steelman of the Las Vegas-based casino design firm Steelman Partners, calls it a “structures within structures” design.

Award-winning architectBrad Friedmutter, agrees that casinos will have subdivisions which foster interaction especially among younger gamers. According to him, no gaming will be done in isolation.

Electronic tables, multi-game and multi-denomination slot machines have also reduced the number of physical machines needed in a casino, creating more space and wider aisles for gamers to amble and do more than just gaming.

The Hard Rock casino in Oklahoma has a section with e-games surrounding a media bar. This media bar is basically a relaxationarea with interactive displays centered on social media.

Gaming has also gone very mobile. According to the well-known mobile casino software developer Gaming Realms, more than 70 percent of their gamers are now using mobile devices, which is more than the industry average.

Casinosandgaming have evolved and will continue to evolve as casino providers look for new ways to provide gamers with a pleasurable and convenient gaming experience, while making more money, of course.



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