7 Easy steps to make a small space look bigger


When living in a small studio or apartment you need to get organized and have a splendid interior using little space. From storig ideas to multifunctional objects, here are seven tips on how you can make any interior look pretty and full of space.
small space cover

1. Divide a room in two

If you live in one room, you can easily have a living room and also a bedroom in the same space. All you need to do is add a fake wall or curtain to create the illusion of two rooms. In this way it would seem you have more space than you thought and living in your house will be a lot easier and better organized.

dived room in two

2. Choose convertible furniture

Convertible furniture is the perfect solution for people with just a few spaces in their home. So when choosing a bed you can pick one that also converts into a couch or a bookshelf like this one. Also, if you choose a living room or kitchen table, pick a convertible one that can be transformed from a small table to a big dinning one for a lot of gusts. Also, pick one with storage space to store kitchen utensils and other useful objects.

convertible bed sofa

3. Use the walls for storage

Instead of a bookshelf, make for your living room a wall filled with frames with photos or memories. Also, you can hang on the wall decorative objects and save a lot of space not using actual shelves. The fun thing is you can add as many frames as you like in different colors and shapes and the room won’t seem that full or messy as one filled with lots of objects placed everywhere around the space.

wall storage

4. Pick a rack instead of a closet

A rack is the best solution for clothes when you want to save space. Also, on top of it, add shelves for hats and bags and under the rack you can make room for all your pairs of shoes. You can pun two racks one next to the other or mix a rack with a small cabinet for accessories. You will save a lot of space and your bedroom will look really chic.

clothing and racks

5. Choose over the door storage

Think about any space where you can make room for storage. Among those spaces is the one just above the door, a great idea to save room. Choose this kind of storage for your bathroom, entryway or kitchen and you will see that your home will look more spacious and neat.

over the door storage6. Add mirrors

Place statement mirrors all over your bedroom, living room or even bathroom to create the illusion of space in your home. Choose beautiful mirrors with creative or metallic frames. Besides looking more spacious than ever, your room will get an instant glam vibe.

small space mirror

7. Hid your clutter

Nobody likes to see clutter and also, clutter always creates the illusion of a messy of suffocating interior. So, for every room, you have to have at least one dreamy cabinet to hid away a lot of your things and make your home looking more clean. A clean space gives always the illusion of space and you will finally have the home of your dreams.

storage cabinet

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  2. Great suggestions. I love that convertible bed/couch. That first room is so full of natural light…so pretty!

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