Simple Ways to Transform Your Home into a More Entertaining Place to Live

Do you want to make your home a more fun place to spend time? Some people never really grow up and want to be surrounded by entertaining features in their homes. However, many individuals overdo it and their home looks ridiculous. Below are some of the best ways to avoid this problem and still have a home that is more enjoyable to live in.

Games Room

No entertaining home would be complete without a games room. You could have one of these rooms for kids, but you could also have a games room for adults.  A pool table, arcade games, modern video games, darts board and foosball table are just some of the features no games room should be without.

Artificial Grass

The outside of your home should be an enjoyable place to spend time too. Unfortunately, many gardens and patios are neglected. Installing artificial grass is one way you can change this. This type of garden product makes it easier and cleaner to maintain a garden. If you or someone in your family loves to play golf, you could also have your own artificial golf putting greens to practice putting and help lower your handicap.

Staircase Slide

Are you too lazy to walk down the stairs? If so, a staircase slide could be the solution. This type of stair looks like any other staircase, but there is one major difference. It has a slide attached to it, so all you have to do is sit on the slide and let gravity do the rest of the work for you. Stair slides can be attached to straight or spiral shaped stairs, depending on the type of stairs you want to fit in your home.

Indoor Slide

If you live in a multi-storey building, you could take the indoor slide idea one step further by installing a full slide. This feature will definitely make each morning more enjoyable when you wake up and start your day by sliding down stairs. These full indoor slides are available as fully enclosed tubes and open slides.

Aquarium Furniture and Fittings

Some people like to bring nature into their homes and many homeowners even share their home with a wide range of exotic creatures. Sharing your home with fish is one way you can easily do this. An aquarium can be embedded in all types of furniture and fittings in the home. Some of the most popular features in a home that can be integrated with a fish tank include sinks, tables, walls and beds. However, this type of natural feature requires a lot of maintenance and you do have to keep feeding your fish.


What better way is there to take things easy than having a rest in a hammock. Hammocks are one of the most versatile features you can add to a home because you can literally place them anywhere you want.

Themed Bedrooms

A themed bedroom is perfect for homeowners who want something different. This is not something that’s only suitable for kids either. A range of themed bedroom products for adults who have never really grown up are available, such as tree houses, pirate ships and car themed bedroom products.

Swimming Pools

Imagine being able to take a dip whenever you want to. If you have the space in your home, a swimming pool is another feature that will make your garden and patio area more inviting. A swimming pool is usually the focal point of any garden or patio, but you could also have a miniature indoor pool you can use all year round.

Outdoor and Indoor Cinemas

Home entertainment systems and TV’s have come a long way in recent years. The size and capabilities of these entertainment systems make it extremely easy to create your own cinema experience at home. You have the option to create an indoor cinema or an outdoor cinema, or both, depending on your viewing needs.

Sauna and Gym

There is no rule against creating a more entertaining home and a home that benefits your health. Adding a sauna and gym gives you the opportunity to relax and work out at your own pace, without going outside your front door. You can also add various entertainment systems to your gym to make your workouts less of a chore.

A home should be more than just a place to cook, eat and rest. It should also be a place where you can enjoy yourself and entertain guests. Making some of the changes mentioned above, will help you transform your home into a much more entertaining place to live.

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