5 Trending deco ideas you have to try


As well as fashion or beauty, the deco trends change often and from time to time you have to try at least one hot trend to redo your dreamy home. We searched for the newest deco trends that dominate the internet and found the coolest 5 deco ideas you have to try:best deco trends cover

1. Moroccan vibe

The Moroccan rugs are very cool right now, especially because the boho and ethno design trend are a must for this season. Also, this deco trend goes great in any season. For summer you get an exotic vibe in your home that helps you think about a well deserved vacation and in winter you get a cozy and warm feeling, so it’s a must try for your home!

maroccan rug 1

maroccan rug 2

2. Southwestern influences

A very well received design trend is the western decor that can go great for your living room or bedroom. So think about the Wild Wild West and add patterned rugs and pillows, a comfy bouncing chair, leather furniture and lot of ethno deco objects. Your home will look very colorful and it will have lots of personality!

western style room 1

western deco 2

3. Effortless boho

When mixing boho with a minimal deco and classy or luxurious elements you get a very glam design for your dreamy home. To try this trend mix printed deco elements with luxurious deco objects such as a metallic cabinet or golden mirrors paired with a lot of minimal black and white furniture. Your home will end up looking really dreamy!

eofrtless boho 1

effortless boho 2

4. Black and white combo

Of course you can never go wrong with a black and white decor, but this season, from tiles to furniture, everything in your home can be just black and white, especially in your bathroom. Choose cubic tiles, make a chess inspired floor, pick white furniture, dark minimalistic lamps and just be creative with this really popular combo, perfect for any minimal design lover.

black and white 1

black and white tiles 2

5. Scandinavian love

Of course, we can’t forget one of the coolest trends right now, the Scandinavian design. This is a great trend because you can never go wrong with it and your home will look cool and neat. So get inspired by all the northern countries and choose cool chairs, white floors and a lot of cozy deco elements.

scandinavian room 1

scandinavian decor 2

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