5 fav spaces

First of all, don’t forget to enter the Art Limited giveaway, you can win a gorgeous wall piece. Now, here are five of my favorite spaces featured on DDD’s inspiration station aka dailydreamdecor.tumblr.com, this week. I know, shamelessly promoting it, but hey there are awesome interiors there… Don’t forget to follow on bloglovin’ too * wink * here * wink

Colorful modern rugs

Happy Monday! Let’s start the week in a colorful way, I’m one of those people who actually love Mondays, almost always.. . Before our weekly workspace feature I wanted to share this beautiful rugs from Bluebellgray, their fist collection of rugs that is. If you can remember, I posted a bit about them back in March, actually their founder’s home

sofa inspiration

The simple sweet evenings, when all you have to do is just lounge and relax.  I’m enjoying a green tea, trying to make a habit of drinking one cup of green tea everyday, and browsing sofas online. Why you may ask? Not that I don’t like to do that, but I do prefer shoes and bags…  Well, because my mom

Murano glassware

What do you think about glasses?  And no, I don’t mean prescription glasses or sunglasses, I’m referring to glassware, Murano glassware to be more exact.  Love it. Let me tell you a fun fact: Murano is an island in Venetian Lagoon, easy reachable from Venice itself by boat in the north of Italy and that original Murano glass is really