Murano glassware

What do you think about glasses?  And no, I don’t mean prescription glasses or sunglasses, I’m referring to glassware, Murano glassware to be more exact.  Love it.
Let me tell you a fun fact: Murano is an island in Venetian Lagoon, easy reachable from Venice itself by boat in the north of Italy and that original Murano glass is really hard to make. There’s a small interval, before the glass passes from liquid to solid state completely, when the artisan can shape the material. 
When I was a freshman in highschool I was obsessed with Murano jewellery.   I still can remember those beautiful colored beads and how I would go with my friends to a local shop and admire the gorgeous pieces.  
Now, I grew up a little, ok  a little more,  but I still love Murano pieces, especially the glassware. I like the jewellery pieces too, no worries.

A couple of days ago I came accros the e-commmerce  I’m smitten with their pieces and had to share them with you. Isn’t the Gota Kaia set simply mesmerizing? Perfect for a summer outdoor tablescape, don’t you think so?
Also, they are based in the historical heart of Venice, near the island of Murano and the YourMurano offices are located inside an ancient benedictine monastery, which dates back to 1481 AD. How amazing is that?