10 Haloween sweets recipes

It’s desert time! But not any kind or desert, if not the scary kind. Yes, we are talking about those fun and sweet treats you can make for Halloween to give to the kids or just eat with your friends or family. Check out ten recipes we hope you will get inspired by: 1. Monster Chocolate cookies These monster cookies

7 Home deco ideas for Halloween

   Halloween is just one month away and we can’t wait to decorate our home with spooky stuff and funny items that can scare our guests. So, we thought about seven easy ideas to decorate your home and get it prepared for the scariest holiday of them all:  1. Personalized Pumpkins Make your Pumpkins looking more like a Halloween holiday

Halloween medley

I saved this Halloween inspiration pictures for a while and I kinda forgot to post them. Lucky for me, the awesome team from Floria sent me a fab, ok, scary, flower arrangement and it all came back. Don’t know if I’ve told you before that we don’t traditionally celebrate Halloween here,  yes, there are parties, campaigns and such but children