7 Home deco ideas for Halloween


 Halloween is just one month away and we can’t wait to decorate our home with spooky stuff and funny items that can scare our guests. So, we thought about seven easy ideas to decorate your home and get it prepared for the scariest holiday of them all: 

1. Personalized Pumpkins

Make your Pumpkins looking more like a Halloween holiday to give this spooky vibe to your entire home. Choose black, white, stripes, dots and other graphic prints that will make them fun but also really elegant. 


2. Spice up your fireplace 

If you want to make a Halloween corner in your home, the fireplace is the perfect place. Decorate it with a cute Halloween message and add also bats, pumpkins, witches, small threes and other fun decorations that are perfect for this holiday. Creepy enough for you?


3. Make themed table arrangements

If you are preparing a Halloween dinner make cute table arrangements. You can use bats, small pumpkins, tree branches and other themed pieces that will mix great with spooky food inspired by this holiday.


4. Add fun cups and mugs

A perfect way to entertain your guests is by making themed and funny cups for your Halloween party. Pick a funny quote and print on them phantoms and other scary monsters. Fun, right? 


5. Craft bottle candles

Candles in bottles look really creepy and mysterious so they make the perfect kind of decoration for Halloween. You can craft them yourself with cute used bottles and long candles and use them for a magical dinner.


6. Decorate your stairs

If you have a home with stairs you can paint your stairs for this holiday using themed colors and funny drawings. You can draw a pumpkin, a monsters or bats and make everything seem like it’s in a movements. Your home will look really creative.


7. Pick Halloween pillows

Choose fun pillows in the Halloween colors, with scary faces or themed messages. Add them around your home, on a couch or armchair and your whole house will look like it’s a pretty scary holiday. 



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