5 ways to decorate with metallics

When it comes to decorating our homes, most of us prefer some timeless neutral colors. When you think about choosing the color for the walls, for example, most of the times we choose some basic white, grey or beige. It’s the most safe way to pass the test of time and it is the most versatile option. On the other hand, there are those people who love color and bold accesories. They love to play with textures, patterns and different kind of themes for their homes.

There’s nothing wrong if you want to have a classic style but maybe you want to adapt it with some trends. For example, one of the most used trends these days is minimalism. The trend that focuses on functionality more than accessorising. If you want to adapt this trend to your home but you also love colors and you find it a bit boring, don’t worry! You can definitely choose some pieces to upgrade the simplicity of it.

One of the ways to upgrade the minimalism in your home is to add some metallic pieces. Not only it will give a different vibe to your place but it will also incorporate glam and sophistication. For example, you can use some gold finishes in some of the rooms, that will bring warmth and dimension. In addition, when decorating right with metallics, it can elevate your space. Let’s discover below 5 ways to decorate with metallics that will help you add a chic vibe to your home.

1. Choose furniture with metallic finishes

If you love a minimalist style but you definitely find it a bit boring, just upgrade some furniture pieces. For example, combine the neutral tones from your kitchen with some black and gold chairs. It will upgrade the vibe and offer that sophisticated feeling.

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2. Add a statement gold mirror frame

If you want to refresh your bathroom and decorate with metallics, pick a statement piece, just go for a bronze mirror frame. For instance, it will make an impact to every bathroom and will balance the simplicity of it. The key of decorating with metallics in the bathroom is balance. So, try to not have another similar accessory so it won’t be too overwhelming.

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3. Add a bronze statement lighting piece

If you love the timeless and classic style for your home, just make a statement with a big accessory piece. For instance, if you have a traditional vibe in your kitchen and you also love some color, add a chic vibe with the lighting piece. Most importantly, it will balance the feeling of traditional and modern and also upgrade the vibe.

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4. Add a metallic open shelve

If you love your kitchen to be clean and organized but at the same time classy and chic, try some open shelves. First of all, it will help you maintain it organized every day. Secondly, if you choose to have a metallic open shelve, it will be the touch of modern that every room needs. Most importantly, you need to balance it with some timeless accessories.

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5. Mix and Match while you decorate with metallics

It can be really interesting to mix a classic style with some metallic touches. For example, don’t be afraid to add a metallic coffee table to your timeless living room. It will give that classy modern vibe and, most importantly, you don’t always have to match everything.

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