7 bathroom lighting ideas for your next remodel

While you get excited about remodeling your home because you think about choosing new textures and accessories, there are many things you need to have in mind. For example, it’s important to optimize the space in every room and maximize its functionality. Remodeling your bathroom will add great value to your home, will upgrade your style and change the entire vibe. Just think about the fact that is the first room you see when you wake up and it can set the tone of your day.

When it comes to redesign your bathroom, you may think you will need to invest a lot. But, if you follow some tips you can have a great remodeling without spending a fortune. Moreover if you pay attention to some details. For instance, you have to establish the functionality of that bathroom. Is it a primary bathroom, a guest’s room bathroom or a smaller half-bathroom? You need to have in mind these kind of details that will make your work a lot easier.

Bathrooms don’t have to be simple and boring. Especially if you choose the right colors and accessories that will upgrade it perfectly. For example, choosing a timeless style of tiles will help you save some many for another qualitative accessories. Investing in a special lighting pieces will completely change the vibe. Installing good lighting is an important part of any bathroom. Moreover if some pieces could be unflattering and not help you with the lack of natural light. Smaller bathrooms will challenge you get more creative. But don’t worry! We’ve gathered below 7 bathroom lighting ideas for your next remodel that will help you for inspiration.

1. Classic bronze bathroom lighting ideas

When you choose to have a classic style for your bathroom, just make sure you keep it that way for the bathroom lighting fixtures as well. For example, a classic warm light with bronze touches will fit perfectly.


2. Simple textures

If you’re thinking of remodeling a small, half-bathroom, just choose some bright colors that will add depth. Most importantly, keep it simple with the lighting textures as well, to complete the look.

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3. Bathroom wall fixtures

If you want to make a statement out of your lighting, just place it on the walls. For instance, it will offer dimension for your bathroom and give a luxurious feeling. Secondly, it will become the focal point of the room and set the tone for it.

Azra Levine Design

4. Classic timeless bathroom lighting

If you’re a fan of a more classic or vintage design, just choose some timeless pieces. Most importantly, the placement of your lighting can be unflattering, so be careful with this. Choose a point that will benefit and will add a lovely touch.

Christie Adam Design

5. Minimalist bathroom lighting ideas

If you love an organized and clean bathroom, just go with the minimalist style. Moreover if you will chose some simple but special lighting, it will become the glorious touch of the room and flatter it.

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6. Industrial style bathroom lighting

If you’re a fan of rough touches and textures, go for a industrial design style. Above all, it will complete the vibe and give the exact amount of lighting you will need in your bathroom.

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7. Gold and bronze bathroom lighting fixtures

If you’re a fan of black and white, we suggest you to choose some gold pieces as lighting. Certainly, it will complete perfectly the style and most importantly, give that luxurious touch for your bathroom. Moreover if you have a big bathroom and you can choose many of them.

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