8 Kitchen island ideas to try right now

Are you thinking of changing houses or just remodeling your kitchen? For instance, think about the importance of this room in your life and how often it will be used. If you want to have a nice, airy, open kitcken, an island is truly a must. For example, it will help you with storage, keeping things organized or why not, having more space to eat. Kitchen islands are the dream for every big, open space kitchen. From an aesthetic perspective, an island can be a great opportunity to add contrast to your kitchen design.

Think about the fact that the kitchen, in may houses, is the heart of the home.Firstly, it is the room where you can entairtain your guests, cook for your family and most importantly, create a lot of memories. Secondly, if your home is big enough, in the middle of this room is your kitchen island, which most of the times, provides and extra space for meal prepping.

Above all, it’s really important that you create your perfect kitchen island, because it will set the vibe for the entire atmosphere. On the other hand, you may get cought up in the excitement of remodeling and end up with space problems. Certainly, you need to keep in mind some details before starting to choose your perfect kitchen island. For example, you have to consider size, storage space, cooktop or stove. To sum up, we’ve gathered up 10 kitchen island ideas to help you inspire your kitchen design.

1. A functional kitchen island

It’s really important if you have a spacious kitchen to make the most of it. For example, you can choose to have your kitchen sink inside your island. It will help you a lot if you are the kind who cooks a lot. Certainly, it will be easier to cook and wash everything on the kitchen island.

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2. Urban cool vibes

If you like mixing several touches in your kitchen, you will definitely do the same with your kitchen island as well. For example, you can choose different materials and textures to create a modern vibe and most importantly, you can add some cool chairs and use it as a nice, cool bar table.

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3. Small kitchen island

Who says that if you live in a small house you can’t have a kitchen island? If you keep in mind the sizing and purposes, even the smallest kitchens could have the most lovely and helpful islands. Moreover if you can use it as kitchen table as well.

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4. The timeless black and white

If you don’t like to follow trends and you love the classic, timeless decor designs, you will definitely will want to go with black and white combination. Moreover if you live in a generous house and you have enough space to have a big and spacious kitchen island.


5. Chic and bold kitchen island

A combination of bold colors with marble countertop is the best option for a chic feeling in your kitchen. In addition, you can play with bronze touches and black accesories to give it a luxurios feel. Add some natural wood materials and textures for an overall calm vibe.

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6. Luxurious marble countertop

If you want to invest in a more durable and qualitative material, you can definitely choose marble for your kitchen island. Most importantly, it will last for several years and give your entire kitchen a lovely and luxurious feel.

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7. Industrial vibe

If you live in a minimalist apartment with some industrial touches, it will be really easy to adapt it for your kitchen island, as well. Most importantly, keep it simple with the accesories, textures and finishing touches in order to create the same vibe in your kitchen as well.


8. Modern neutral kitchen

If you love natural and neutral touches, a great option will be to incorporate some barstools and dining chairs made out of  natual elements. Moreover, it will bring a comfortable but refined feeling for the entire kitchen area.

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