Taurus – 10 Things you should know when decorating your home

A practical sign that enjoys serene moments in its home, the Taurus it’s the earth sign that may enjoy its home more than any other zodiac sign. So, check out 10 things a Taurus should know when decorating its home:

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1. Taurus home decor – Choose a special place for your plants

People born under the Taurus sign adore nature and green plants – green being also their favorite color. They feel very good in nature that’s why their homes can usually look like a green oasis. So, make sure you add special spots for your precious plants and choose chic pot for each one of them.

2. Taurus home decor – A creative office space

Taurus are workaholic people which also love being practical and organized. They love a calm and creative office space that can also be filled with their favorite green plants.

3. Taurus home decor – Make a cozy nook

Besides loving to work, Taurus also treasure their resting time. They adore sitting and home and relaxing, usually preferring a cozy day at home than one in the city. So, make sure you make the perfect cozy nook where you can relax, read or enjoy a hot beverage.

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4. Taurus home decor – The perfect & practical kitchen space

A big foodie, the Taurus sign loves to cook and try out new recipes and ingredients. The kitchen is a Zen space for this sign that enjoys to keep its kitchen clutter free and super practical. The kitchen of a Taurus will look super dreamy and filled with cool storage solutions.

5. Taurus home decor  – Keep in mind all senses when decorating a Taurus home

Speaking of senses, besides a dreamy home that’s great for the eye and the flavorful recipes, a Taurus loves it’s home to have an amazing scent. So, choose dreamy home scents and most especially scented candles, they will make your home also super cozy, a vibe every Taurus adores.

6. Taurus home decor – Keep your home clutter free

Being a practical sign, the Taurus sign will love a practical and well organized home that’s clutter free. Clutter can stress out a Taurus (a big cleaning freak) so make sure you have tons of storage solutions in your home and you don’t have that tiny space where you can tend to be messy or add useless stuff.

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7. Taurus home decor – Choose floral prints

When it comes to choosing the perfect prints for your home, think about the floral print for your sheets, pillow cushion or other elements. They will look good to the eye and also they will be super nature themed. You also adore artsy print – with different types of art and also with abstract art or nature landscapes. Nevertheless, these prints will bring a pop of color into your often neutral home.

8. Taurus home decor  – Decorate your home with nature inspired elements

Besides plants, you also love items made from natural fabrics and deco items made from nature inspired materials like: wood, rattan, raffia, marble, stone or even clay.

9. Taurus home decor  – Choose wisely your favorite colors

A big nature fan like Taurus and also an Earth sign, you will adore neutrals, green and brown colors for your dreamy home. Try also pink, red, yellow, blue, purple and the simple white but avoid black, silver and gold, they are too dark or flashy for you.

10. Taurus home decor – Family pictures

A Taurus cares about its family a lot and loves having memories with every member. So, make a gallery wall with your favorite family pictures and memories, choose frames in Earthy tones and neutral shades, you will adore them.

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