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5 Small shower ideas for tiny bathrooms

You have a tiny bathroom and want some small shower ideas? Are you thinking on remodeling your bathroom anytime soon? A renovated bathroom will add value to your home and improve your daily energy vibes. It’s very important to start the day in a lovely environment, moreover that the bathroom is one of the first rooms you see after you wake up. Some people turned their bathrooms into their personal spa place, while others have enlarged their spaces to squeeze in a nice bathtub.

A small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to give up on style or functionality. With some clever design ideas, you can have the bathroom of your dreams even in a small place. Sure, a lovely bathtub where you can lay in after a long day would be ideal, but a walk-in shower could be very refreshing and relaxing, as well. It’s all about the details. Different design materials, elements or accesories can change your mind when considering some small shower ideas for tiny bathrooms.

1. Remove the shower door

Let’s bring the spa vibe to our small shower place. When thinking about gaining some space, let’s ditch the shower door completely. The standard shower door creates a seamles entrance. For example, you can separate the shower from the rest of the room with some glass panels. It’s a luxurious trend and it will update the style. Likewise, it’s a best tip to make a small bathroom look bigger.



2. Simple walk-in shower for a small bathroom

“Less is more” is a general rule. Moreover when you are thinking on remodeling a small bathroom. Try to use simple accents to create a nice vibe. Make the most of the small space by adding bright colors, not so colorful accessories and minimalist pieces. You can still have a stylish bathroom if you consider some classic shower tiles that will stand the test of time.

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3. Small shower ideas with built in storage

Another small shower idea is to built in storage. When having a small bathroom, extra storage room is more than welcome. You can build extra storage in your shower for your shampoos, conditioner or scrubbers. The more, the better. This kind of space provide plenty of room for all of those bottles while keeping everything tidy and clean.

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4. Add patterned tiles to your small shower walls

You can play with your imagination not only with bathroom rugs, shower curtains or different accessories. You can create a nice wall in your shower using different tile styles.

The best part about mixing different materials in the shower is that there’s your private space and you can often get away with it. So, if you are thinking about changing the tiles in your bathroom, maybe you can think about ways to add pattern on it.

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5. Colorful small shower design

Even in a small bathroom, it’s perfectly ok to bring up the color game. It’s a known fact that bright colors open up the space but, in the same time, using darker colors creates the illusion of hight. Also, combined with vertical tiles really works very well.

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