8 DIY candle ideas that you will enjoy mastering at home

Candles are more popular than ever and many people started making their own ones at home. It’s easy to make them and have as many as you wish, however you wish. So, check out 8 DIY candle ideas that you will enjoy mastering at home:

1. Twisted candles

When it comes to candle trends in 2022, then colorful twisted candles are the new cool thing! They are super fun and can make any space super colorful. Check out the easy tutorial for twisted candles here.

diy candle ideas

2. Tea cup/Coffee cup candles

The most darling candle DIY option you can pick for your home is the tea cup candle. Choose your favorite tea and coffee cups and make candles in them, after you finish you can easy refill them. Learn the process on Thirsty for tea.

teacup diy candle ideas

3. Shell candles DIY

If you love the sea and you want to decorate your bathroom space or glam jewelry corner with candles, then, these shell candles will look amazing. It’s easy to do them, all you need are some beautiful shells and some easy guidance you can find on Burkatron.

4. White candles painted with a marble effect

If you are a beginner in candle making than start with some basic white candles you can paint with some cool effects. Try the marble effect, all you need is some colored nail polish. Check the tutorial on Taste Made.

diy candle ideas at home

5. Scented candles with essential oil

If you love scented candles, then, you need to make some with your favorite fragrances. For that you will need some essential oils you really adore. Learn how to do them right at Craftsy Hacks.

6. Ombre candles

This season candles in lots of fun and funky shades are a must-have, so learn how to do some ombre candles with the use of crayons. Go out and check out the process on Warm hot Chocolate.

7. Dried flower candles

The beautiful dried flower candles can provoke your imagination in making candles with your favorite flowers, plants and leaves. These candles look simply dreamy and they are perfect for a farmhouse or cottage inspired home. Find the tutorial on Hello Nest.

8. Winter themed scented candles in fancy cups

Make candles that have a wintery and cozy scent and choose fabulous glasses and cups to make them. Decorate them with gorgeous looking ingredients like star anise and check out the tutorial here.

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