6 bathroom with floating vanity ideas that will be trending in 2022

Looking for the new modern way to decorate your bathroom space? Then, floating vanities are the right solution. Looking glam, modern, yet having a great minimalist design, floating cabinets can create the illusion of space in your bathroom.  Also, they have a visual impact in the interior while giving a luxurious touch to the whole bathroom space. So, check out 6 bathrooms with floating cabinets that will be trending in 2022:

1. The SPA bathroom look

A mix between nature inspired elements, boho items and even farmhouse details will create a SPA bathroom space that will feel super relaxing. So, mix this styles around a wooden floating cabinet and you will love the dreamy result.

Abi Interiors

2. Natural bathroom style

Nature plays an important role in the designs of 2021-2022 and this bathroom space reflects a great use of natural elements. So, choose a floating cabinet made of stone, marble and wood that will make this space looking modern and also relaxing.

Natalie Myers

3. Glam bathroom decor with floating vanity

If you pick a floating wooden cabinet and you want to make it glam there are just a few simple tricks to follow to achieve it. Pair it with glam emerald tiles, choose an art deco inspired round mirror and a lot of golden bathroom elements.

athroom with floating cabinets

Emily Gilbert Photo

4. Brown and green bathroom style

Choose brown and green for a bathroom space that will reflect nature, modernity and even a timeless, elegant vibe. Go for a brown floating cabinet and pair it with green plants and deco elements.

athroom with floating cabinets

Abi interiors

5. Minimal bathroom

A floating vanity guarantees a minimal approach for a bathroom space. The most chis way to do it is by pairing a floating cabinet with a round sink, a cool round mirror and your favorite plants and flowers.

The Blue Space

6. Minimal luxe bathroom with floating vanity

Floating cabinets are ideal for a minimal bathroom space. They will emphasise on the modern vibe of this room and if you pair black marble or stone with golden or copper elements it will make this room looking super luxurious.

Crystal Sinclair Designs

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